Zero Waste SG is a new non-profit and non-governmental organisation dedicated to help Singapore eliminate the concept of waste, and accelerate the shift towards zero waste and the circular economy. It started as a website in 2008 providing tips and resources on waste minimisation and recycling, and is officially registered as a non-governmental organisation on 13 Jul 2015.

Zero Waste SG aims to promote education and engagement on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) among individuals and households; increase waste minimisation and recycling among businesses and organisations; and reduce specific waste.

The Singapore government has set targets of achieving a 70% national recycling rate and a 30% domestic recycling rate by 2030. We believe that we can help Singapore to meet and exceed these targets, by working together with government agencies, businesses, community groups and individuals.

What We Work On

  1. Food Waste
  2. Plastic Disposables
  3. Household Recycling
  4. Business Waste

How We Work

  1. Educate and engage with campaigns and activities
  2. Influence policies with research, surveys and reports
  3. Collaborate to drive change with initiatives and agreements
  4. Solve market problems with technology and platforms


79 Responses to “About”
  1. Aliene says:

    It’s hard to find a way to reuse items!

    Almost all the charities have stopped accepting used clothes etc as donations, and it’s so easy to be stuck with many items you’ve outgrown, but nobody to give it away to and breathe new life into the goods!

    Is there a listing somewhere of volunteer groups that are stuff accepting such donations? I tried SCWO (said they have too much stuff and are not accepting for now) and Salvation Army (bins often overflowing)…

  2. Olivia Smith says:

    the environmental news these days are full of man-made disasters like oil spills,,`

  3. boon keng says:

    where can i throw my used HP? thanks

  4. Rebecca says:

    where can we throw those used office carpets ? kindly advise. Thank you.

  5. Aleema says:

    I have suitcases to dispose of and cannot find any place to do so in Singapore, with all of the traveling, this should have been a service offered by a hub city like Singapore

    • jenny ng says:

      you may donate to the Thrift Shop at St. Bernadette Church on Zion Road. Just hehind of Great World City.

  6. Nel says:

    Where can we throw iron bar grills?

  7. vijayan says:

    sir, we have invented a composting & planting pot- both in same pot.it costs 10$ for 2 compost chambers &20 liter volume. India.We are launching this in Nov ,11 in Chennai.PCt patented..we will be uploading our pots soon in our site.You can take up in Singapore .thanks Vijayan

  8. vijayan says:

    sir, we have invented a composting & planting pot- both in same pot.it costs 10$ for 2 compost chambers &20 liter volume. .We are launching this in Nov ,11 in Chennai.PCt patented..we will be uploading our pots soon in our site.You can take up in Singapore.www.neuecotechs.com Thanks Vijayan

  9. Yingying says:

    Hi Eugene,

    Does your recycling company work with schools? It’s for a charitable cause. Please email me ASAP thank you.


  10. Irvan says:

    Dear Eugene,

    We are a group of individuals that are very interested and currently even pursuing a degree in environmental field, especially in waste minimization programs.

    Unfortunately we are short of ideas of things we can actually implement in real life situations to minimize waste anywhere.

    I would like to ask if we can meet up sometime to discuss this matter ?

    we would really appreciate your time, Thank you very much

    Irvan Luhung and groups

  11. vaisak says:

    Dear Eugene,

    I want to import old Old carboard cartons paper waste to india from singapore.

    Can you advise me on this.

    Is OCC paper waste available?

    Warm Regards,

  12. Pearl ZHU says:

    Dear Mr. Eugene Tay

    Your expertise in the Electronic Waste Management industry places your profile at the top of a recent search, I want to better connect with you.

    Do you mind to provide your personnal email address so I can give you more details?

    Thank you and best regards,


  13. Raymond says:

    May I know where can my company get waste plastic material?
    I need the waste plastic material in my Malaysia Recycling Plant.
    Any one if interested to supply my company, you are welcome to contact myself at thum@rtbs.com.sg or my mobile at 90060124

  14. Jacus says:

    I want to work with a company that have the concept like what I read from here:) where can I find? I have lots Stuff to share:)

  15. BH Goh says:

    Are there any companies in Singapore having technology in making products from recycled high temp resistant engineering plastics? I have a few hundred tons of such plastics collected from electronics companies over the years and if they can be used to make weather resistant benches, stools, fences, walk paths etc for our parks and playgrounds, we can help save lots of trees. The technologies already exist in Europe & elsewhere but it would be too costly to ship out the materials to them and then bring back the products into Spore again. Hence I am looking for a local company that may be able to help me.

  16. Lei Lei says:

    Dear Zerowastersg,

    This is Lei Lei, a student from NUS. I am a big fan of Zerowastesg and I am wondering if you have any internship opportunity open for students to learn more about environmental protection?

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Have a nice day : )

    Kindest regards,
    Lei Lei

  17. Loh CM says:

    Hi, Good day.
    I have 240 pairs new / unused safety shoes for cheap sell to any company that there needed for re-use or recycle. Can I know who shout I contact to?

    Thanks and best regards,

  18. huisi says:

    Hi Mr Tay,
    We would like to seek your expert opinion on the top of food waste, would you kindly complete a survey we have emailed you? we would greatly appreciate the time you have taken out of your schedule to complete the survey. thank you!
    thank you,

  19. J S CHOUDRIE says:

    this query is from Nairobi (Kenya)…. i have access to large quantities of old car tire crumbs (and regular supplies of the same)….. i am a businessman but my knowledge of recycling plants is very limited!! please inform me what i can do with all this waste material (old tire crumbs) as i would like to start a business that can make money out of this waste??

    I have been informed that these “crumbs” could be used to make sheet rubber, rubber tiles, car bushes, filtration products and many other “small scale industrial usage” please inform where you can assist me with knowledge and/or machinery to achieve any of the above?

    any input from you would be highly appreciated

    J. S. Choudrie

  20. Karen Chin says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    I am a student from Temasek Junior College. As part of our ‘A’ level project work, 3 others and myself would like to undertake a project to create and promote an e-magazine which incorporate interesting e-features and e-links which will appeal to youths.

    We understand that Zero Waste Singapore is an online publication which is very committed and dedicated to help Singapore move towards a “zero waste” society. We have chosen the topic, “Waste Not, Want Not” as our project work and we have narrowed it down to the wastage of magazines.

    Since our project is very much in sync with your cause, my group and I are wondering if we could collaborate with you on any specific events to help to promote e-magazines by encouraging people to make the switch from print to online magazines. We would also like to hear your opinions regarding our project.

    We look forward to your reply at your soonest convenience.

    Thank you
    Karen Chin
    CG 24/12
    Temasek Junior College

  21. Rayyan says:

    Hi, I’ll like to check if any recycling companies open up their doors to allow the public/students to experience CIP in helping manually sort materials for about 4 hours for a different experience in CIP.

    • Eugene Tay says:

      @Rayyan, some companies open for group visit. Not sure about allowing students to do sorting, think it’s unlikely.

  22. NicK says:

    Hi eugene,

    I am just curious if u know, or is there any statistic showing the problem in recycling in singapore is it due to insufficient recycling facilities or is it more about the segregation of waste? Which is more dominanting? for example if we have fully segregated the waste, do the recyling facilities in singapore have the capacity to recycle them.



  23. Kean says:

    Hi Eugene,

    I am wondering if I can recycle the paint spray can by putting them into the recycle bin provided at HDB flat? Or I actually need to bring them to some specific recycle centres as the aerosol contains flammable and toxic materials.


  24. Rico says:

    Hi Eugene,

    Your website is very informative.
    Any information on where to buy scrap metal, because i want to import to the Philippines.

    thank you

  25. Janice Seah says:

    Hi Eugene,
    I’m in the midst of clearing and I would like to understand if cosmetic glass bottles are recyclable? I’ve been researching and there’s a few conflicts between local and overseas reports.

    Thanks. Would appreciate if you could email me back as soon as possible.

  26. Vel says:

    Hi Eugene,

    I would like to know if window envelopes can be recycled? I am currently cutting out all the plastic window on the envelope before recycling the paper bit. Wonder if I can just throw it into the recycling bin for paper?

    Thank you.

  27. Mathieu Hemery says:

    I want to save some space by putting my DVDs in folders, and getting rid of the boxes which are too bulky. What is the best way to get rid of them ?

  28. Tali says:


    My doughtier is learning about RRR in school and she really wants to visit a recycling centre in Singapore (she is 6 years old). I tried to locate a centre that is open for visits but couldn’t find any. Do you have any information about this?

    Thank you very much,

  29. Syahidah says:

    Hi there,

    i am researching on Textile Waste for my project. I am just wondering if we have any schemes that deals with the textile waste that we produce in Singapore? I was looking through the different types of collection points like Salvation Army or the normal waste collection, but I could not find any destination for the textile waste. Considering that only 11% is being recycled, what happens to the rest of the 89%?

    I am also wondering where could I get access to these textile waste in bulk so that i could possibly work on a project proposal to give them a second life.

  30. Nicole Chang says:

    I’m writing for The Independent Singapore, an online news platform. Would it be possible to get in contact with a representative to get your views for a climate change article I am working on?


  31. irene seah says:

    do you provide services to collect recyclables (paper & cans etc.) from a building along Jurong East Street 21? Thanks!

  32. ling says:

    Hi, where can i give away usable nippon paint Which is leftover fr recent renovation. Thks

  33. Kashi says:

    We are looking for 3 paint / motor oil containers for making balcony compost. Where can we find this?

  34. KN says:

    Hi, just wanted to ask if it is possible for you guys to convince NTUC Fairprice to stop giving out plastic bags as if they are free. Also, the use of styrofoam cups by Smoothie King is worrisome. Thanks!

  35. Divya says:

    Our school is doing a project where we require plastic bottles. Is there a way where we can get plastic bottles in large quantities? Thanks.

  36. Anaya and Manaka says:

    One idea we had that Sweden as already adapted to is burning food waste to create energy for our community. Is this idea something that can be considered`

  37. manu says:

    Is there any place in Singapore to dispose old Blackberry phones?

  38. Hazel says:


    Could you please advise me on how to throw away big home appliance (like fridge) and furniture (like arm chair)?

    Thank you in advance:)

  39. BP says:


    May I know if ZWS is IPC?

    Thank you

  40. Gillian says:

    Where can I pledge for action to reduce food waste.

    Thank you

  41. Lay Ping says:


    My company has a lot of carton boxes, wooden pallets, broken office chairs & old printer to be thrown away. Please advise who can I contact for disposal of all these items? Is it free of charge?

    Thank you in advance!

  42. Grace Teo says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    We are a group of students from Saint Andrew’s Junior College. We are working on our Project Work and would like to request for an interview with you.

    My group have embarked on the topic of reusable containers and disposable plastic waste reduction, which is very much in line your course on reducing waste. Hence we would like to seek your expert opinion on the effectiveness of our strategies and gain better knowledge to further improve on our strategies.

    Thank you and we look forward to your favourable reply.

  43. Shizu says:


    Are there anybody who knows where to dispose of unwanted wooden pallets without minimun quote or Free of Charge or want it for their companies?

  44. johan says:

    hi , i have alot of used kids storybooks and textbooks and papers that i want to recycle . its too many until it uses a space of half a room . i’ve been looking for a place in Singapore to recycle them but cant find . can i recycle at your place ? or amy suggestion ? thanks pls reply a.s.a.p

  45. Bryan Wong says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We area group of a year 1 students from Innova Junior College, Singapore.
    As part of our GCE ‘A’ Level H1 Project Work subject, my group and I have been working on the topic of handling solid waste management in households and how we can improve recycling rates in Singapore, primarily in HDB blocks. Since it is currently impossible to sort waste materials thrown down the rubbish chute systems, we have proposed a couple of modifications to the chute system so as to allow rubbish to be sorted. The key features of our product are the automated waste sorting engine, along with the energy converter from biomass fuels.

    My team and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you during the months of July or August to evaluate our proposal as part of Written Report Chapter 4. This is so that we can discuss on the feasibility, efficiency and usefulness of our project. We hope to get the chance to listen to your objective opinions on the subject matter.

    My team and I await your speedy reply and I hope you will consider our request. Thank you.

  46. YL says:


    Im wondering about how effective are the recycling bins at void decks…
    Do the items in the bins get to be recycled?

    I watched a documentary show sometime ago that most of what we throw do not get to be recycled because we don’t know how to “throw” them. For eg, glass/plastic bottles should be cleaned before they’re thrown to be recycled. But most of the time because they still contain traces of drink/food/detergent in them they can’t be used for recycling. Is that true?
    I also noticed recycling bins at our void decks are often dirty, messy and with traces of food around.

    I always try my best to make sure bottles I throw are at least rinsed before but sometimes I do wonder if these efforts are in vain if ultimately whole recycling bin items will be wasted if “some items are not properly “thrown”?


  47. Tay Soo Sien (Ms) says:

    Dear Zero Waste Singapore,

    I am a postgraduate student in Lifestyle Journalism with particular interest in waste and plastic pollution. I would like to interview you for an article for next week.

    I hope you can spare just 15 minutes of your time for a call or I can also email my questions if you prefer as I am in London.

    Thank you.

    Soo Sien

  48. Kelvin says:

    I donate most of my books to this website. I also pick up a few used book from them at a very low price.

    Highly recommended.

  49. zoe says:

    any service provider for waste paper collection from office?

  50. James Dunn says:

    Hi Eugene,
    I’ve been asked by InTheBlack magazine (the magazine of CPA Australia) to write an article on the Singapore sharing economy, and how it has evolved to meet the specific challenges of transport in Singapore – in areas such as bike-sharing and ride-sharing.

    What are the special unique selling propositions that make the sharing economy work well in Singapore? Short distance trips? Good infrastructure? Cultural acceptance of the model?

    With the decision on car ownership due in 2020, what areas of the sharing economy are going to get impetus from that?

    Could I speak to you for this article?

    Thanks and regards,

    James Dunn

  51. Meerashree Goel says:

    Dear Mr Tay,

    My name is Meerashree Goel and I am a G10 student in UWCSEA. I am making an advocacy film regarding plastic consumption and waste in Singapore and would really appreciate an interview with you regarding this matter. I can come to wherever is convenient to you and I only have a couple of questions. I hope you consider this as it would be very helpful for my film.

    Thank you and kind regards,

  52. Jane says:

    Can plastic book wrapper be recycled along with the books? Should I remove the wrapper before sending the books for recycling?

  53. Beth says:

    I’d like to add a recycling bin to my office. Where can I find one? And where in the CBD can we empty the bin? We are in a small office and currently only have trash bins which are emptied in the large collection bins outside on the street.

  54. Howard Wong says:

    Singapore will not achieve zero waste with buffet business, items with packaging, daily use chemical products with bottles and free for all packaging from supermarket, hawker and shops still around. I have a lot of ideas to reach near to zero waste but a lot of business will affected and a lot of change must be done in all the business.
    Stay as it is, so Singapore will keep prosperous.

  55. Nadiah says:


    Is there any place to buy bulk of recycled plastic bottles? We are doing a window installation and our aim is to create awareness on recycled plastic bottles. Really appreciate the help in advance!

  56. May says:

    I’m new here. May I know if the reach out has been done to domestic helpers? Maybe more reach out can be considered in their comfortable languages? Out of 4 units on my HDB, 3 units have helpers doing the thrash. Thank you.

  57. James says:

    Is there any possibility of educating or promoting them waste recycling of food offerings used for roadside prayers or food offerings that are no longer edible? It’s a pity that so much of such food goes to the dump after Chinese New Year and the 7th month — food such as glutinous rice cake, Huat Kueh etc. Thanks.

  58. eve says:

    hi! is there any zero waste programs or campaigns specifically for the less income family in Singapore? in my opinion, zero waste is not only for the privilege.

  59. Sharon says:

    Where can we purchase the e-waste bins for our office? we already have a collector but we wish to have the same bins as starhub recycling program? thanks

  60. Anna says:

    Hi I’m looking for wooden crates or wooden pallets that are in acceptable condition for free for a project. Does anyone know where I can get them? Thank you!

  61. Todd Rosin says:

    I am interest in how I can become involved with Zero Waste Singapore. I am working to bring an invvovative new polymer technology to Singapore – environmentally friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, marine safe, non-toxic, water-soluble material technology.




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