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Partnerships with ZWSG

Join us to multiply the zero waste movement and build Singapore’s circular economy together!

Work with us through:

Sponsorships or Donations

Why sponsor

  • Association

  • Marketing reach within growing green community and more

  • *Press release mentions

  • *Free consultation/outreach engagements

  • *Access to sustainable supply chain and other corporate networks

*where appropriate and relevant

What you're sponsoring

  • High-impact campaigns that target pertinent waste issues in Singapore.

  • Programmes with specific zero waste objectives or for targeted beneficiary groups

  • 100% of your funding goes towards furthering the cause of Zero Waste in Singapore

Make a Donation 

ZWSG is an Institution of Public Character (IPC) under the Charities Act (Cap. 37), and is allowed to solicit funds from the public to pursue our cause to drive zero waste through education and advocacy. To encourage philanthropy and altruistic giving, the Government provides tax deductions on certain donations made to IPCs.

Such eligible donations will be automatically incorporated into your individual/corporate tax assessment.

Thank you for supporting our outreach and engagement work in zero waste!


Give to specific ZWSG programmes

Support our efforts in mentoring and guiding youth groups in their research and projects:

Support our efforts in raising awareness and empowering the community to BYO:

100% of your money goes towards furthering the Zero Waste cause in Singapore

If you're interested in sponsoring or donating to us through other means, please get in touch! We would love to hear from you and explore ways to collaborate and create a zero-waste future together.

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