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Bring Your Own Bag 2023


Zero Waste Singapore (ZWSG) carried out the second run of our Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) campaign from February to April 2023, timed before the national regulations on disposable carrier bag charge at supermarkets. From July 2023, large supermarkets in Singapore were required to charge a minimum of 5 cents per plastic bag given at their premises.

The campaign ran across eight supermarket outlets and comprised cashier training sessions, installation of bag racks, and roadshows surveying shoppers on their views over BYOB and the supermarket bag charge. Shoppers were asked about their motivations for BYOB, a suggested quantum for the bag charge, as well as what the collected bag charge should be used for.

This report shares the main findings from the shopper sentiment survey, which were drawn across over 8,400 responses, and the recommendations by ZWSG post-implementation of the bag charge.

Full report is available at $12, all proceeds will go to further campaigns, outreach and research to drive effective zero waste actions in Singapore.

Complimentary Executive Summary


Download BYOB 2023 Full Report

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