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Why is Singapore's household recycling rate stagnant? [News]

Why is Singapore's household recycling rate stagnant? By Linette Lim, Channel NewsAsia, 27 Jun 2016 For two years, Hougang resident Padmarani Srivatsan has been collecting raw food scraps - like vegetable and fruit peel - that she throws out from her kitchen, turning it into soil nutrients for her plants. “It’s black gold,” she said, picking up a handful from her composting bucket and taking a sniff. “And it doesn’t smell at all. It smells… wholesome.” Besides composting raw food waste, the 52-year-old kindergarten teacher has been recycling other waste that her household generates, including plastics, glass bottles, paper and tin cans. Doing all this requires a conscientious effort, said Mrs Srivatsan, acknowledging that it may be a challenge for many Singaporeans, who generate some of the most waste globally on a per capita basis, to follow her example. Click here to read the full article Source: Channel NewsAsia

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