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HDB introduces new waste collection system in Yuhua [News]

HDB introduces new waste collection system in Yuhua By Alice Chia, Channel NewsAsia, 1 Jun 2015 Yuhua residents can expect less odour and fewer pests in their vicinity, as the first phase of a new waste collection system is rolled out. Previously, workers had to collect and transport waste from refuse chutes to the bin centre. With the installation of a pneumatic waste conveyance system in Yuhua, this automated system will be the Housing and Development Board’s (HDB) largest set-up so far. When residents throw rubbish down their chutes, it goes to a refuse chamber on the ground floor. A sensor will be triggered when the container in the refuse chamber is full. The waste is then transported by air, through underground pipes. It travels at speeds of between 50 and 80 kilometres per hour, to a centralised bin, where the rubbish is stored in sealed containers. Click here to read the full article Source: Channel NewsAsia

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