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2008 Waste Statistics and Current Waste Situation in Singapore (Part Four)

2008 Waste Statistics and Current Waste Situation in Singapore (Part Four) Continued from Part Three, which looked at the recycling rate of the different waste, and the opportunities for food waste reduction. This final part explores the opportunities for reducing the generation of Paper/Cardboard and Plastics waste. We will look at campaigns, companies, services, projects and tips that help to reduce paper and plastic waste. . Opportunities for Paper Waste Reduction We think that there is great potential to reduce our paper mail and junk mail, and also switch to duplex printing. epost by Canada Post Canada Post offers a free epost box. With epost, users can have bills and other mailers sent to them electronically and allows them to view and store them online. Zumbox Zumbox is a paperless postal system that provides a virtual mailbox for every street address in the United States, which allows users to receive, view, organize, store and send their mail online. Red Dot Campaign The Red Dot Campaign is a social marketing campaign in Canada to encourage advertisers to reduce waste and resources in paper-based advertising, and evaluate their current marketing strategies. Stop Junk Mail Stop Junk Mail is a non-profit UK-based group giving advice on how to reduce junk mail. They also provide 'No junk mail' stickers for households to paste on their door and letterbox to stop unaddressed leaflets and/or free newspapers. Voluntary Admail Reduction Program This Voluntary Admail Reduction Program is a by-law of the City of Ottawa to regulate the distribution of unaddressed advertising material. The by-law states that:

No distributor shall distribute or cause to be distributed any unaddressed advertising material on private property if the owner or occupant of the property has affixed a sign in a conspicuous way on his or her own property, as prescribed in accordance with Schedule "A" to this by-law indicating that he or she does not wish to receive any unaddressed advertising material. The property owner or occupant can participate in the program by purchasing a sticker to indicate their desire not to receive unaddressed advertising material. Duplex Printing One of the easiest way to save paper in the office is to set the printer on default to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. Here's a guide to show you the steps for setting your printer to duplex printing. Check out more tips on reducing paper. . Opportunities for Plastics Waste Reduction We think that there is great potential to reduce our use of plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic packaging. Tap Tap is an ethical enterprise and campaign to get people to rethink bottled water and switch to water from the tap. Tappening Tappening is a campaign to educate the public about the unnecessary waste of resources and harm on the environment caused by the bottled water industry, and to encourage people to drink tap water and say no to bottled water. Are You Ready? This is the National Plastic Bag Campaign in Australia to help individuals and retailers move towards a phase-out or reduction in plastic bag use. The Positive Package The Positive Package is a campaign to share information on reducing, reusing and recycling packaging. The Guide to Evolving Packaging Design The online Guide to Evolving Packaging Design provides ideas, tips and tools to help retailers and manufacturers change the way packaging is produced and used. The National Packaging Covenant The National Packaging Covenant is a voluntary initiative by the government and industry in Australia to reduce the environmental effects of packaging. Check out more tips to reduce plastics by avoiding disposable items and choosing products with less packaging. . We encourage more individuals, communities, NGOs, businesses and the government to explore the mentioned opportunities to reduce the waste output of Food Waste, Paper/Cardboard and Plastics. There is potential for more awareness, campaigns, governmental and business services to reduce our waste. For a start, the new 3R Fund would be useful for providing financial support to implement these waste reduction opportunities. Read Part One, Part Two and Part Three.
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