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Young recyclers keep their friends in the picture [News]

Young recyclers keep their friends in the picture By The Straits Times, 10 Nov 2011. Organisers of a new recycling initiative are asking students to take photographs that illustrate the importance of caring for the planet, then post them on social websites to help spread the green message. These pictures could include people doing their bit for the environment, for example using recycling bins. Children from 22 schools were sent on a five-day training programme at the end of last month. There, they were taught how to capture striking images and use them to promote sustainable living. The move is part of the National Environment Agency's new Thank You For Recycling initiative, which aims to give credit to those who are already making sure their rubbish is not wasted and motivate others not yet doing so. A youth committee will also be formed by year end to come up with schemes to promote environmental causes such as recycling. Click here to read the full story.

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