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Tyres Recycling

Tyres Recycling

In Singapore, 21,600 tonnes of scrap tyres was generated in 2013 and the recycling rate is 88%. Scrap tyres are usually rethreaded, exported overseas for reuse, or processed into crumbs for making surfaces and into chips for use as a solid fuel. Let's take a closer look at tyres recycling: Tyres Recycling in Singapore There are several recycling companies that collect scrap tyres and rethread the tyres for reuse. The thread section of the scrap tyre is replaced and the rethreaded tyre can be used again. Scrap tyres that are still in good condition are also exported overseas for reuse. What Can I Do Take care of your car tyres by checking the tyre pressure and ensuring that they are inflated at the correct pressure. Over-inflation or under-inflation of the tyres would cause uneven tyre thread wear and increase the need to change tyres frequently. You can also reduce tyre wear by changing your driving habits - don't brake too hard or take sharp corners. In addition, you can also conduct regular tyre rotation for your car to ensure even thread wear for all the tyres.

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