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Supermarts may start charging for plastic bags [News]

Supermarts may start charging for plastic bags By Lee Jia Xin, The Straits Times, 23 Apr 2012. Shoppers may need to pay for plastic bags in the future, if a proposal being studied is adopted. The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) is studying ways to cut down on the excessive use of plastic bags here. One of the options being considered is for supermarkets to start charging for plastic bags daily or on alternate days, The Straits Times has learnt. The proposal involves provision shops too, and may also include food outlets and hawker stalls. The study, which began this month, is expected to be concluded by June. The findings are expected to be used to formulate a White Paper on the use of plastic bags in Singapore. The SEC is a non-government organisation that facilitates and coordinates environmental causes here. The Straits Times understands that a majority of the supermarkets here are not opposed to the idea of charging for plastic bags. But they would like to see the authorities put it into legislation before making such a move. Click here to read the full story.

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