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Researchers use recycled glass to filter raw water [News]

Researchers use recycled glass to filter raw water By Wayne Chan, Channel NewsAsia, 21 Dec 2011. A team of researchers from Ngee Ann Polytechnic has found a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly way to filter raw water - using recycled glass. The project, called GLASSwater, has helped the polytechnic's Environmental & Water Technology Centre of Innovation (EWTCOI) secure S$10.3 million for more such industry projects over the next three years. Central to the process is a porous ceramic membrane made of recycled glass. Dr Gurdev Singh, who is leading the research team, expects the technology to drive down production costs considerably. He said the current production cost of ceramic membranes is about S$100 to S$200 per square metre, as they are made from natural raw materials. With the GLASSwater membrane, it will be two to three times cheaper, costing only S$50 to S$100 to produce. Read more Source: Channel NewsAsia

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