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New 3R Programme to Improve Waste Management and Recycling Rate in the Hotel Industry [Press Releases]

New 3R Programme to Improve Waste Management and Recycling Rate in the Hotel Industry 1 Jul 2011 - To improve waste management in the hotel industry, the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) and National Environment Agency (NEA) have jointly launched the “3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Programme for Hotels”, in conjunction with the Singapore Green Hotel Award 2011. This initiative aims to help hotels achieve better waste management and increase waste recycling rates. This is part of our ongoing outreach effort to encourage different industry sectors to play their part to recycle and contribute towards the recycling rate target of 70% by 2030. Currently, it is estimated that hotels in Singapore produce about 60,000 tonnes of solid waste a year and less than 10% of the waste is being recycled. The 3R programme, a voluntary commitment by hotels, will require the hotel partners to set up a system to reduce solid waste, which entails the formation of a committee. The green committee will conduct waste audits, set waste reduction and recycling goals, and review existing practices. The NEA will provide training to the committee so that they are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to develop their 3R plans. Mr Andrew Tan, Chief Executive Officer of NEA said, “The 3R Programme for Hotels is a platform for the industry to share experiences and knowledge on waste minimisation and recycling. For a start, about 35% of SHA-member hotels have signed up for the programme and we hope to have more hotels coming onboard. We look forward to strengthening our partnership with the hotel industry and galvanising efforts in reducing solid waste.” Ms Margaret Heng, Executive Director of SHA added, “Waste minimisation is not new to hotels. However, with the 3R Programme in place, it gives the process of solid waste minimisation a whole new dimension as it emphasises the involvement of all stakeholders, namely all levels of staff, hotel guests and the community.” Singapore Green Hotel Award 2011 Twenty-one hotels will be awarded the Singapore Green Hotel Award in recognition of their outstanding efforts in managing and conserving energy, water and waste more efficiently. This is the second time the SHA is presenting the awards, with the support of NEA, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Public Utilities Board (PUB) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). (Please refer to Annex A for list of winners) Waste Minimisation Seminar A waste minimisation seminar, co-organised by SHA and NEA, will be held on 1 July 2011 to share Singapore’s waste situation and waste management strategies, share best practices on waste minimisation and recycling by some green hotels, as well as promote waste minimisation and recycling to the hotel industry. The programme includes a tour around Shangri-La Hotel to highlight some of the best practices involving 3Rs. There will also be a mini exhibition showcasing the latest recycling technologies that are useful in helping hotels manage waste more efficiently. Source: NEA

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