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NEA studying regulated way to manage e-waste [News]

NEA studying regulated way to manage e-waste By Janice Tai, The Straits Times, 6 Oct 2015 With residents here getting rid of their old laptops and cellphones without a second thought, Singapore is churning out 60 million kg of electronic waste (e-waste) every year - more than the combined weight of 220 Airbus A-380 aircraft. Only a fraction of that is recycled or disposed of properly. So far, the most extensive community e-waste recycling programme here has managed to collect only 22,000kg of it from 214 recycling bins islandwide this year. That is less than the weight of two buses. The project is managed by StarHub, DHL Express and home- grown recycling firm TES-AMM. Click here to read the full article Source: The Straits Times

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