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Going Paperless in the Corporate Economy

Going Paperless in the Corporate Economy

This post is contributed by Kimmy Paulino from Eco-Savvy Rebel.

It’s been more than 20 years since email was brought out to the world. It has probably saved the world a billion tons of paper with the revolution. Our personal and business correspondences were made faster and faster with internet speed, inbox size and user-friendly interfaces.

In the corporate scene, you can always see a lot of wasteful practices. I remember ‘ol colleagues who need to print all their emails because they can’t keep track of the trails, or those who need to send over CDs for massive files. Tools have been introduced to solve these issues and are now considered norms.

Today, there are more and more tools that free our shackles to paper. I just joined a what I describe a millennial company and I have to say that my first week was spent vomiting productivity apps to supposedly make my work tasks more efficient.

For my tasks, I have todoist (list), trello (orientation, manuals).

For my work group chats, I have whatsapp (mobile), slack (pc), skype (meetings).

For marketing use, all the social media apps, analytics, queuing, aggregators.

As for the rest, google drive gives me storage, file keeping and sharing.

I myself am a list maker and I am considering deleting note taking in my system, make a slow recovery from wasteful habits.

There is adjustment to the new file systems just like any other new job, but I have to say I am embracing this change! Other than making collaboration efficient and effective, what I realize was how minimal paper used has become and everything can be done online, onboard, onsocial these days that it gives trees a chance. Gone are the boxed reams you see beside the printer tray!

There is a danger of having too many and redundancy in apps when trying this so go for it one by one and see which tools suit you, but I highly recommend the change.

I only wish my secret corporate guilt of paper excess will be absolved. Well, not entirely… There’s a long way to go to set things right and I’m glad that I’m in the midst of the change. Which makes me wonder, where can the next paperless shift occur?

Source credit: Eco-Savvy Rebel

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