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Going green, Biomax turns poo to profit [News]

Going green, Biomax turns poo to profit By Toni Waterman, Channel NewsAsia, 16 May 2013. Dr Puah Chum Mok, co-founder of Singapore-based Biomax, sure knows a lot about chicken poo. "Each bird will poo about 45 grams a day," he said. Multiply that by the billions of chickens worldwide, and you've got a lot of poo on your hands. To get rid of it, Dr Puah says, most people either burn it or bury it - both are bad options for the environment. "Well, burning, you contribute to the atmospheric pollution. Burying it, well, after a few years, it will leach out and this will run off to the rivers, lakes and contaminate even your underground water system," he said. So Dr Puah came up with a better solution. He created a special cocktail of enzymes (known as BM1) and a machine to break down chicken poo in a natural way. Here's how it works: The chicken poo is collected and dumped into the digester. Sawdust is added into it to help absorb moisture. The enzymes go in next, and then the entire recipe is heated. Twenty-four hours later, 100% organic fertilizer is produced. Click here to read the full article. Source: Channel NewsAsia

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