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Cut food waste, redistribute extra food, say experts [News]

Cut food waste, redistribute extra food, say experts By Grace Chua, The Straits Times, 21 Jul 2012. Cut food waste during packaging and preparation and redistribute spare food, say experts who have weighed in on the Government's announcement of a new committee that will look into food waste and security. Food is often wasted during packaging because customers want unblemished produce, said sustainability researcher Kua Harn-Wei. To solve this, he pointed to initiatives like Britain's Waste Resources and Action Programme, a non-government scheme that works with supermarkets to educate consumers and develop packaging to lengthen the shelf life of fresh vegetables. It also gets food and beverage outlets to offer smaller portion sizes. Click here to read the full story. Save=">Save" Food="Food" Cut="Cut" Waste="Waste</a>">

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