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InnoPak 2011: Revolutionary Packaging [Events]

InnoPak 2011: Revolutionary Packaging Singapore, 8th & 9th September 2011 Bringing together over 13 speakers from Local & International, Marcus Evans’ InnoPak 2011: Revolutionary Packaging (8th & 9th September 2011, Singapore) is a great platform to brainstorm ideas on how to innovate in packaging while achieving environmental sustainability and maximising profitability. This conference focuses on key innovative strategies to improve packaging in today’s competitive business environment. It highlights cost minimisation techniques and the global move towards biodegradable packaging. The event boasts of an impressive line-up of speakers including industry experts from Diageo, United States of America, Kraft Foods, United States of America, Associated British Foods, Australia, Unilever, Singapore, Reckitt Benckiser, Singapore, Nestle, Singapore, Colgate- Palmolive Company, Thailand, to name a few. Sign up NOW to be fully equipped to Leveraging on packaging innovation to decrease packaging costs, enhance sustainability and increase sales! For more information, please contact Ms. Chew Wan T:+603-2723-6748 E:

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