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We would need volunteers to help us end waste in Singapore. If you have these expertise and wish to volunteer, please contact us.

We are also planning our monthly volunteer meet-and-greet session soon!

Speakers and Trainers

  • Conduct talks and workshops for schools and companies.

Finance, Legal and HR Professionals

  • Provide advice and manage finance, accounting, legal or human resource matters.

Web and Graphic Designers

  • Create web and print designs for website, social media platforms, programmes and campaigns.

Marketing and Branding Experts

  • Develop marketing and branding strategies and campaigns.

Photographers and Videographers

  • Produce photos and videos for website, programmes and campaigns.


24 Responses to “Volunteers”
  1. Geraldine says:

    I was wondering, do you guys have collection services for items that needs to be recycled?

  2. @Geraldine, @Zero Waste Singapore, and all,

    We are one of the established companies as listed on NEA website, visit our webpage for details, leave us a message if needed.


    Let us work towards a greener Singapore!

  3. Madeline Ong says:


    Can anyone advise me what to do or how to dispose of my F&B shop’s items as
    we have closed our business and we have these items ;
    1) Plastic cups with our brand logo (50ctns)

    2) Dry Mix milk powder – Expired (16ctns)

    I have called like over 30 companies, even Waste Disposal/Waste Management/Plastic Recycling companies & even NEA, no one is willing to
    take our items to recycle. They all want to charge us quite a fee to dispose.

    Can we sell cheap to any Buyers out there in Singapore & they can in turn sell
    it as recycled products ?

    Kindly advise asap as we need to clear & give up our warehouse soon.

    Madeline Ong

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Madeline,

      Re the 50 cartons of plastic cups, perhaps you could approach an organization like Willing Hearts? http://www.willinghearts.org.sg/ and see if they need cups?

      In case you haven’t heard of them, they “operate a soup kitchen that prepares, cooks and distributes about 4,500 daily meals to the needy, 365 days a year. Our beneficiaries include the elderly, the disabled, low-income families, children from single-parent or otherwise poverty-stricken families, and migrant workers in Singapore.”


    • Nathaniel says:

      Hey Magdeline,

      I know this response comes well after your predicament as mentioned above. I would like to know if you may be inclined to donate any excess resources as a means of recycling them. The resources will be redistributed or reused if possible to beneficiaries that may need them urgently. I am currently a tertiary student seeking willing suppliers that can support the cause. =)


  4. Su Huiting says:

    Hi there!

    Happy to see SG NPO focusing on REDUCING single used plastic ware!
    I am excited to meet the team as a volunteer to educate people about the importance of reducing waste!

  5. Yu Shan says:

    Hi, I read your position paper on reducing the use of plastic disposables in Singapore. This is exactly what I have had in mind for a long time now, and would love to work on this programme if possible.

  6. Joee Cheng says:

    Could Zero Waste gather a team of volunteers to collect recyclable bags from homes and offices, and start a ‘Reuse’ project with these bags? Maybe you can collaborate with elderly homes/children’s homes/etc for this project? E.g. repainting/embroidery on these bags to make them ‘new’ again. Give them to RCs or charities for them to use as event goodie bags.
    Hope this idea works!

  7. Joee Cheng says:

    Alternatively, volunteers can ask supermarts or minimarts to promote the reusing of recycable bags. They would use the collected recycable bags for product packing for customers. Customers could return the bags to any participating marts.

  8. HENG Thida says:

    I love to volunteer to your project but I base in Cambodia. I got 8 years marketing experience. Adversting industry and bank.
    Two reasons that I want to volunteer are:
    1- to learn more abt waste Managment program
    2- to help Cambodia reduce waste

  9. Teryn says:


    Where can I find unwanted wooden crates? Is there a place for people whom may be keen in re-using recycle materials?

  10. Pyae Shine Aung says:

    Hello ZeroWasteSG
    I am student from Myanmar and I want to help for photography.How can I help and contact?I am going around city and taking pictures.Plz give me mail adress and i will send for recycling purpose.

  11. peiyong says:

    Where does the e-waste collected by schools go to?

  12. Lance says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am currently working on a (personal) biotechnology project, inspired by a paper published in Science about 1 year back (Yoshida et al., 2016). It is about the use of microbes in the recycling of PET. I am looking into using methods in synthetic biology to work on the recycling of PET.

    Interested parties may contact me via the belowmentioned contact information.


    Email: CQUEK006@e.ntu.edu.sg
    WhatsApp: +65 94579757

  13. Es says:

    Hi, My minimart has many unwanted boxes and beer cans. how do I recycled it? the maintenance guy will dispose it to the bin but I don’t think is send for recycling. Can I request for recycle bins or can someone comes and collect the empty boxes and drink cans every night or morning?

  14. Kathy Tan says:

    I enjoy walking around my neighborhood picking up recyclable litter like plastic bottles and cans. It is essential to educate the public the importance of recycling. Littering is harmful to the environment. We need to play a part by keeping our environment clean.

    Feel free to contact me if there is any recycle programmes where you need support.

  15. Neeraj Bhargava says:

    In today’s (Sept 24th) Straight Times there is an article which says the 4 supermarkets in SG are thinking about charging money for plastic bags, name of Zero waste SG was mentioned as instrumental in making this happen. This is the BEST news I have read in recent days. Plastic bags are really ruining our environment. I believe like many progressive global cities have done we should look for ultimately banning use of plastic bags.

    On a separate note, I am a Sr executive in a Fortune 20 multinational and am happy to volunteer on weekends.

    Please contact me should you need volunteers.

  16. Manjulika says:


    I was very happy to read about SG thinking to charge money for plastic bags. This is a great news and reduction in use of plastic bags will surely save our environment.

    I wish to volunteer during weekends, please contact me.


  17. Sulina Ang says:

    Hello all,
    Mustafa Centre is a popular and large hypermarket. I shop there regularly. I bring my own shopping bag trolley which has to be left outside at the security counter. The cashier firmly disallows use of recycle bags for all my purchases. and I am forced to use their plastic bags.
    Mustafa Centre is a good example of a large successful retailer who practice zero environmental consciousness.

  18. Cathy says:

    Dear ZeroWaste Singapore,

    I am a student at United World College of South East Asia and am very interested in a volunteer position with your organization. Please contact me and let me know if there are any available positions!


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