Tzu Chi’s Recycling Efforts and Closing the Recycling Loop

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The Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation has been promoting recycling in Singapore since 2006. During the Tzu Chi Recycling Day, which falls on every second Sunday of the month, Tzu Chi volunteers will set up recycling points at 14 locations across the island. The volunteers encourage residents to bring their recyclable items from their houses and to help in the sorting of the items. They also spread environmental awareness among the public.

To understand more about the recycling activities by the Tzu Chi volunteers, we visited one of the recycling points located at the void deck of Blk 71 Bedok South Road last month. Mr Chong, the volunteer in-charge of the recycling point, shared with us about the recycling point.

To set up a recycling point, Tzu Chi usually get approval from and work with the Residents’ Committee (RC) in the area. They will distribute leaflets to the residents to invite them to join the Recycling Day organised on every second Sunday of the month from 8.30am to 11.30am, and to bring down their recyclable items. In the past, the volunteers went house to house to collect the recyclables but changed to a centralised collection point due to shortage of manpower.

When the residents bring their recyclables to the recycling point, they are encouraged to sort the items into different categories such as clothing; newspapers; carton boxes/colour paper; black and white paper; electrical appliances; plastics; metal, and glass. By sorting the items themselves, the residents will appreciate more about the need to recycle and also to keep their recyclables clean. Read more

Photos of Recycling Day 2009

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The photos that we took at today’s Recycling Day is posted on our Facebook page. Here’s a preview:

1 Recycling Day 2009

2 recycled art 5

3 recycling comics 5

4 nokia handphone recycling

5 tetrapak 1

6 3R Packaging Awards poster1

Recycling Day 2009

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The annual Recycling Day is back this weekend and next, check out the NEA website for more details and activities.


Image source: Clean and Green Singapore