How to Make Notepads Out of Old Table-top Calendars and Letterheads

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Thanks to Lynnette for submitting this great article (also published at Velvet Notes).

The following are steps on how to recycle table-top calendars and old letterheads into Notepads. I’ve made a number of them and have donated them to charities.

For this project, you will need:

  • Old Calenders
  • Old letterheads or paper you would like to use up (don’t use too many or you can’t fit it into the spine)
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Glue
  • Bull clip / paper clips
  • Access to a comb binder

1. Get your materials


2. Remove the spine from the calendar. Hold one side of the spine with your finger and thumb and the other with the pliers. Pull spine apart. Read more

Learn How to Make Paper Models

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If you’re wondering about what to do with your used paper and junk mail, why not use them for origami – the traditional Japanese art of paperfolding.

A simple piece of paper can be folded into various models – from insects, animals, birds, flowers to useful objects such as envelopes, CD cases, coasters, chopstick cases and photo frames.

Learn Origami

You can learn origami from the following web resources and turn your paper junk mail into fun and interesting paper models.

Local Origami Enthusiasts

You can also see interesting origami models and learn from local origami enthusiasts:

Paper Craft Models

Besides origami, you can also learn how to make realistic paper craft models of animals, insects and motorcycles. Check out this Yamaha Motor website with more than 50 paper models. Just download the model on used paper, fold and paste the paper parts together and you’ve got a paper model that looks just like the real thing. Enjoy!