Panasonic Initiates Pilot Heartland E-Waste Recycling Programme for Home Appliances in Singapore [Press Release]

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5th July 2013, Singapore – Recognising the need to raise awareness and provide an integrated platform for recycling of home appliances and electronic waste, is the driving force behind the Heartland E-Waste[1] Recycling Programme launched today. Initiated by Panasonic Asia Pacific (Panasonic)[2], in partnership with South East Community Development Council (CDC), National Environment Agency (NEA), electrical and electronic retailer BEST Denki, e-waste recycler Cimelia, and public waste collector SembWaste; the pilot programme provides a hassle-free avenue for recycling of home appliances and e-waste. The South East District is the launch pad for the programme which will run from July to December 2013. The first e-waste collection will take place on 14th July, in conjunction with Marine Parade Town Day. Read more

Pilot electronic waste recycling programme launched [News]

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By Channel NewsAsia, 5 Jul 2013.

Residents in the South East district of Singapore will now have a convenient channel to recycle their electronic waste.

Electronic waste includes unwanted electrical and electronic devices like computers and ovens.

Residents can drop off these devices at 10 designated Resident Committee (RC) centres in Marine Parade and Mountbatten. Residents can also deposit other recyclable waste like paper, aluminium cans and plastic bottles at the RC centres.

The monthly collection drives will be held every first Sunday of the month, starting from July 14.

It is part of a six-month trial initiated by Panasonic Asia Pacific, in partnership with the South East Community Development Council, National Environment Agency, electrical and electronic retailer BEST Denki, e-waste recycler Cimelia and public waste collector SembWaste.

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Source: Channel NewsAsia