HDB introduces new waste collection system in Yuhua [News]

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By Alice Chia, Channel NewsAsia, 1 Jun 2015

Yuhua residents can expect less odour and fewer pests in their vicinity, as the first phase of a new waste collection system is rolled out.

Previously, workers had to collect and transport waste from refuse chutes to the bin centre. With the installation of a pneumatic waste conveyance system in Yuhua, this automated system will be the Housing and Development Board’s (HDB) largest set-up so far.

When residents throw rubbish down their chutes, it goes to a refuse chamber on the ground floor. A sensor will be triggered when the container in the refuse chamber is full. The waste is then transported by air, through underground pipes. It travels at speeds of between 50 and 80 kilometres per hour, to a centralised bin, where the rubbish is stored in sealed containers.

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Source: Channel NewsAsia

Plans to make recycling more convenient for HDB residents [Letters]

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Letter to The Straits Times, 9 Aug 2011.

We thank Mr N. Nagesh for his feedback (“Chute, don’t let recyclables go to waste”; July 28).

HDB has embarked on initiatives to make recycling more convenient for its residents. This includes conducting pilot projects to use a separate recycling chute at the common area of every floor. The first of such projects was implemented in Choa Chu Kang in December 2006.

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Start Recycling at Home

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Recycling bin for HDB estates

It’s easy to recycle at home. Learn about the existing recycling programme at your area and find out the type of items that are acceptable for recycling.

HDB Housing Estates and Landed Property Estates

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has implemented the National Recycling Programme (NRP) since 2001, where recycling bins are provided for residents living in HDB housing estates and landed property estates.

For HDB estates, there is one recycling bin for each block of flats with 3 or 7 times collection per week. The recycling bins are usually located near the Central Refuse Chute (CRC) of newer HDB blocks, beside footpaths or linkways, and placed in open areas.

For landed property estates, one recycling bin is provided for each house with one or two collection per week. There is also a separate collection of garden waste for landed property estates. Plastic bags containing grass, leaves, and small branches can be placed beside the recycling bin.

For more information, check out this NEA recycling brochure. For enquiries, call 1800-CALL NEA (1800-2255 632) or email Contact_NEA@nea.gov.sg.

Find recycling bins near your home via the SLA OneMap under the Environment theme.

Condominiums and Private Apartments

Condominiums and private apartments are not covered under the NRP. However, it is mandatory for condominiums and private apartments to provide recycling facilities for their residents from 1 Nov 2008.

If there’s no recycling facilities at your place, contact your Managing Agents (MAs) and Management Councils (MCs). The MAs and MCs can also refer to the NEA’s online guidebook to learn how to set up a recycling programme.

Find Out What You Can Recycle

You can make use of the recycling programme to recycle items such as paper, plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles, metal cans and old clothing.

Find out what items are acceptable for recycling from this NEA brochure.

What Happens to the Recyclables?

The recyclables are collected by the appointed Public Waste Collector and brought back to their facility. The recyclables are sorted manually or by equipment into the different types of material. The sorted recyclables are then sent to local recycling companies for processing into raw materials or new products, or exported overseas for recycling.

For enquiries on the recycling collection, you can contact the Public Waste Collector providing the recycling collection for your area.