Speech by Ms Grace Fu, Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Committee of Supply Debate – Waste Management [Speech]

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20. Now, I will like to move on to update on our waste management strategies and measures. Singapore has limited land, yet we are producing waste at a significant rate. Last year, we generated about 7.5 million tonnes of waste, which is 50% more than ten years ago. If this trend continues, Semakau Landfill will run out of space in 20 years’ time. Many of us would still be around to see that day if this happens.

21. Last year, we announced plans, as part of the Sustainable Singapore Blueprintto work towards becoming a ‘Zero Waste Nation’. By reducing consumption, and reusing and recycling as much waste as possible, we can conserve resources and free up space that would otherwise have been used for landfills. The Government will work with the community and businesses to make this our way of life. Read more

Excerpts from the Speech by Ms Grace Fu, Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, at the Eco-products International Fair 2013 [Speeches]

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Read the full speech by Ms Grace Fu here.

On Waste Recycling:

Besides the adoption of green innovations and resource-efficient technologies, households can also help push the sustainability agenda through recycling. Currently, our household recycling remains poor, but our recent nationwide study on household recycling behaviour shows that most households actually want to recycle but do not do so for a variety of reasons.

Beyond making it more convenient for households to recycle by enhancing the recycling infrastructure, for example more bins and more collections, my Ministry plans to encourage behavioural change among individuals by providing incentives. Many countries including the United States and Japan charge households according to the weight of waste disposed. To encourage households here to reduce their waste and recycle more, we are currently exploring the feasibility of moving towards a usage-based pricing waste disposal system that will allow households to directly reap the benefits of reducing waste. We will be conducting a few “Save-As-You-Reduce” pilot projects in the Punggol and Bartley areas, involving a small number of HDB blocks, condominiums and landed properties, as well as at the first HDB Greenprint precinct at Yuhua. During these pilots, residents will be regularly informed on how much they have recycled and thrown away.