NEA calls for tender to conduct study on electrical, electronic waste [News]

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By TODAY, 19 Sep 2015

The National Environment Agency (NEA) yesterday called for a tender to conduct a study on the collection, recycling and management of electrical and electronic waste (e-waste), amid the increasing use of electronic devices.

The NEA will use the study findings to consider a system for collecting and recycling e-waste. The study should include a survey of the e-waste collection and recycling value chain, including the final treatment and disposal.

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Source: TODAY

StarHub launches e-waste recycling programme for Earth Hour with a challenge [Press Releases]

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Singapore, 30 March 2012 – For Earth Hour this year, from 8:30pm till 9:30pm on Saturday 31 March, expect to see dimmed lights, as well as lights and television screens turned off, at StarHub’s retail shops and Customer Service Centres around the island. That is because StarHub will be joining the rest of the planet once again to reduce electricity and greenhouse gas emissions.

Beyond this support for Earth Hour, StarHub will also be launching their electronic waste (e-waste) recycling programme. E-waste recycling bins will be placed at StarHub’s Customer Service Centres at OUB Centre, Plaza Singapura, Tampines Mall and StarHub Green. An e-waste recycling bin will also be placed at the Grid MMS Office at *SCAPE.

“StarHub is deeply committed to being an environmentally conscious corporate citizen and caring for the natural world,” said Neil Montefiore, Chief Executive Officer, StarHub. “Furthermore, as a provider of electronic equipment and e-services, we feel that it is only right to provide consumers with an avenue through which they can safely and responsibly dispose of their electronic waste.” Read more

Zapping the Toxic Out of Growing Electronic Waste [News]

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By The Straits Times

For nearly a year, a disused 30-inch cathode-ray-tube (CRT) TV sat in the living room of Mrs Adeline Koh’s four-room flat. No karung guni or rag-and-bone man wanted the old set because it was too bulky and heavy to cart away.

Two weeks ago, the 38-year-old finally handed it over to local rag-and-bone company Recycling Point Dot Com, which will donate or scrap it.

As consumers like her switch more frequently to sleeker appliances and gadgets, lured by firms constantly upgrading their products, the problem of electronic waste, or e-waste, is mounting.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) does not keep a record of the amount of e-waste generated in Singapore, but figures showing the amount of electronic gadgets consumers here buy each year should prove cause for worry.

E-waste, if not properly disposed of, can pose hazards to the environment and human health.

Last year, more than 443,000 TV sets were bought here – an 80 per cent jump from the number in 2007, according to figures this month by market research firm GfK. The demand for laptop and desktop computers is likewise booming – sales of desktops in the second quarter of last year were up 39 per cent year-on-year. On average, Singapore residents replace their cellphones every 12 to 16 months, said GfK.

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