Drinking Straw Art – Fantasy on a Full Moon

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Fantasy on a Full Moon is an art wall mural made from drinking straws and displayed at the Esplanade a few months back. The plastic drinking straws are transformed into animal shapes such as dragons, snails and prawns. We find it really amazing how it’s possible to reuse plastic straws for art. Here are some photos of the wall mural and animal art.

Straw Art 01

Straw Art 02

Straw Art 03

Straw Art 04

Straw Art 05

Straw Art 06

Straw Art 07

Straw Art 08

Straw Art 09

Straw Art 10

Straw Art 11

Straw Art 12

Straw Art 13

Fun Ways to Recycle

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Venue: Activities Room in Choa Chu Kang Public Library

Fancy creating yourself a funky, multi-purpose hanger made of recycled materials that can be put on the wall? All it takes is just a little bit of innovation, creativity and fun with art! At the end of the day, you get to bring home your designers’ worth of works and place it at any nook and corners of your house. Due to limited seats, registration is required and can be made via http://golibrary.nlb.gov.sg and surf on to ‘Simply’ to reserve your seat. Brought to you by Hans Art.

Source: National Library Board

DIY and Turn Waste Into Useful Items and Art

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Instead of throwing away old and unwanted materials and items, why not use your creativity to turn these waste into useful items and stylish decorations or art. Start a DIY (do-it-yourself) project to reuse your waste material and items. Here’s some local inspiration:

Singapore DIY

Didier Ng is a local designer who reuses waste material and objects, and turns them into original lifestyle and fashion products like lamps, furniture, bags, wallets and accessories. Each piece of her work is unique and shows that there is no such thing as waste. Some of the waste that she reuses include plastic bottles, rubber tyres, used banners and rice bags.

Agy is a local eco designer and have been refashioning clothing and fabric. She also conducts talks and workshops on upcycling and wearable technology.

Singapore Makers is the community platform for Makers in Singapore and also features a list of Makerspaces in Singapore where people can work on making stuff and DIY projects.

Web Resources on DIY and Crafts

More online resources on how to DIY and make crafts:

An example of how to make necklaces from old magazines and newspaper:



An example of how to make a tote bag from old clothing: