Bite-sized, introductory session on the climate and waste crisis globally and locally, ending with tips on how every individual can be part of a wider systemic change. Can be virtual, in-person or hybrid.

Topics we cover
  • Plastic Disposables
  • Food Waste
  • Recycling in Singapore
  • Others (customisable)

Couple educational talks with a DIY and upcycling workshop to apply the knowledge learnt to hands-on activities. Choose from a range of upcycling topics:

  • Upcycled T-shirt Tote Bag
  • Upcycled Plastic Bottle Planter
  • DIY Coffee Body Scrub
  • DIY Eco Cleaner
  • Others (customisable)

These activities aim to empower participants with a comprehensive understanding on the topics and confidence they need to continue or embark on their own sustainability journey.

1. Day course

2. Leadership training

3. Consultations

Examples of topics we cover
  • Content on global, Singapore and industry specific sustainability issues
  • Transitioning to a Low Carbon / Circular Economy
  • Design Thinking to understand environmental issues around you
  • Other customised topics according to your company’s needs

These activities allow participants to experience first-hand the issues we have learnt about in talks, workshops and training.

1. Office Waste Audit

  • Get an in-depth understanding of your company’s current waste production in your office premises
  • A generated report that covers recommendations on how you can save waste and save costs


2. Beach/Neighbourhood Clean-Up

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Client Testimonials

“Knew about 3Rs. Learned the 5Rs. Yes, very engaging talk.”


“It was down-to-earth, informative, and has tips that are actionable. Really engaging!”


“This is a great programme – any steps you can make to reduce your waste and excess consumption would be a step in the right direction and this talk lays the ground to make some changes in our team.”

Andrew Tetley

President, Asia Pacific | Kevin Murphy

“Your talk was so engaging and enlightening. I am sure that our students gained a lot of valuable research for their projects, and I hope that many of them are inspired to make changes to help reduce food waste.”

Kristoffer Munden

Teacher | Singapore American School

“Their presentation was impactful yet informal, cleverly engaging us as an audience and making the topic relevant to our day-to-day lives both at home and in the office. Their knowledge on the topic is clear to see and our staff left with a much greater understanding of the waste problems facing Singapore today. We would highly recommend their sessions as an introduction to this hugely important issue. They certainly have inspired us to start taking action.”

Dominic Dunnett

Associate Product Manager | Skyscanner, Singapore

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