It’s not easy to start a non-profit organisation so we need all the support and funding from potential corporate partners. We are open to the following support from companies:

In-kind Sponsorship

  • Office, meeting or event space
  • Professional consulting services such as accounting and legal services
  • Design and creative services
  • Printing materials and services

Financial Sponsorship

  • Funding for our programmes and campaigns

Corporate Volunteer Programme

  • Give talks to schools and companies
  • Collect recyclables from offices

If your company is interested to provide support and funding, or explore collaboration, please contact us!


29 Responses to “Partners”
  1. zara says:


    I am from India. Can i send you wast of Plastic and etc…

    Will you purchase from us ?

    A waiting for your Promote reply.


  2. Adam Swan says:

    Hi, would like to know wallet and knife can recycled.?

    • MK Noor says:

      hello, My Name is MK Noor, from Indonesia, my business is re-cycle and re-use also reduce, we hope collaborate with your company.
      i will waiting your good news

  3. Jeanette Alexis says:

    I am thinking of setting up a zero waste fast food restaurant in Singapore. Do you have any tips/ any suppliers I can look at?

  4. iman says:

    Hi, can we start organizing the Zero Waste in Egypt… If you can help me with the guidelines, i would love to do this in collaboration with you as NGO of course.

  5. HENG Thida says:

    I want to reduce in Cambodia. We have such as beautiful county but we have so much waste that can’t be control. I want to reduce waste and I find out abt your NGO. I wonder if set up an NGO can help me achieve my goal or there is a smaller step that I can take before this. I work for a bank with 200 plus staff in my county and 39k group wise.

    Please give some advise

  6. matt gomes says:

    Do you have anyone or company providing a service – a place where all these used items (thrown, donated or purchased) can be stored for re-sale and opened to public to shop?


    Dear Sirs,

    We are interested to buy cullet from Singapore. You are kindly requested to send me the name and contact details of the Collectors and Exporters for Cullet.

    • sanguselvan says:

      Dear sir,
      We are Oman based recycler exporting & import Scraps globally.

      At JFT, quality is our core focus. Our scrap metal is sourced from throughout Sultanate of Oman and streamed through one central processing hub, undergoing a rigorous inspection process to ensure a quality end product.We value repeat business, whilst continually developing new relationships through our service promise and flexible terms.

      Our commitment is to provide a high-quality stream of material, delivered on time.


      We are committed to providing the best quality product with implacable customer service and support,

      convert every challenge into an opportunity and grow this company with integrity and dignity.


      Our strategy has always been to achieve success with customer satisfaction.

      We try and provide the best service and help find solutions for our suppliers and customers.

      When it comes to serving the needs of our existing customers or potential customers JFT knows no boundaries


      JAWAHART FAHUD TRADING LTD. is an international trading enterprise. The company was formed in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman with a vision to supply the best quality materials with exceptional service to our customers and suppliers.

      We closely monitor the national and international markets and provide consultation to help our customer make effective decisions.

      JFT in Scraps Over the years the company has grown to be a diversified supplier of quality raw materials to customers around the globe.

      JFT deals scraps :

      METALS: Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Lead ,stainless Steel Scraps, cullet



      +968 92160952 (What’s up)

  8. Hi, Vibrant Recycle provides service for collection of waste paper and scrap metal for recycling. We are based in Singapore.

  9. nick lim says:

    We would like to start an iniative to recycle used paper and plastic in our company.
    Would appreciate that you could also participate in our iniative.

    Thank you.


  10. Clara says:

    My organisation is using banners to be recycled into other products.

    Could you connect us to organisations that has used banners for events and after that have no more use for them. This is a project to help our needy clients to earn some money as well as save the earth. By the way, I am working in a voluntary welfare organisation

    Thank you 🙂

  11. Ong Seong Thai says:

    Hi, I have idea to make Singapore go more recycle.
    May I suggest to organizer on my proposal?

  12. Adrian says:

    Hi there, just curious, are you guys affiliated with the global version of ZeroWaste or any other ZeroWaste movement?

  13. Sharron Ng says:

    As a green building consultant, I think for any recycling effort to be effective, the use-and-throw culture in Singapore has to be addressed 1st and foremost.
    That I think is the key to solving the issue of having to manage the ever-growing waste produced every day.

  14. Stephen says:

    Dear sir/madam
    we are a company in Ghana and we are looking for a recycling company in your country to buy for scrap tyres.
    Can you help us.

  15. Danny Foo says:

    I am interested in part of your project. We may be able to provide the right tool(s) to collect or disposed collected waste. Please feel free to write to me and explore the possibilities. Thank you

  16. Danny Foo says:

    I am interested to be a part of your project. We may be able to provide the right tool(s) to collect or disposed collected waste. Please feel free to write to me and explore the possibilities. Thank you

  17. Jesada says:


    I’m Jesada from Thailand , Now I looking for mobile recycling app to develop in my country. I interested to support to you.

    Please feedback me in email

  18. Philip says:


    We have below goods looking for resaler,the price will very attractive if can clear all asap.
    1) Headset Qty: 15000 pcs
    2) Bath Swivel Seat Unisex Qty: 2000 pcs
    3) LED light 134 box
    4) 47’TV 4 sets
    and many other goods.
    please email me, our location @ Woodlands

  19. Joseph says:

    Hi, we are interested in taking in plastic mineral bottles as well as 5L plastic containers. Let us know how we can collaborate.

  20. ga says:

    Hi ,
    We are looking at proposing food waste management system in our residential Condo.
    Is there any organization that can help us with with these.
    I am looking for a commercial viable solution hotpile composting for proposing in a old condos.

  21. JW Kwek says:

    I am looking at all sorts of fruit peels to extract ingredients of value for products ranging from cosmetics to food. Anyone can connect me to local suppliers or communities in SG?

  22. Shantini Ary Purnamasari says:


    I create candles and I would like to start using used glass jars, instead of buying new ones. From your website, I understand that there are many glass jars that are awaiting to be recycled. Is there any way that I can have and reuse them?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  23. Silvia Ng says:

    We are a social food platform and wishes to start a zero waste program and initiative for the F&B industry. Do you have any tips, and collaboration we can consider together?

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