It’s not easy to start a non-profit organisation so we need all the support and funding from potential corporate partners. We are open to the following support from companies:

In-kind Sponsorship

  • Office, meeting or event space
  • Professional consulting services such as accounting and legal services
  • Design and creative services
  • Printing materials and services

Financial Sponsorship

  • Funding for our programmes and campaigns

Corporate Volunteer Programme

  • Give talks to schools and companies
  • Collect recyclables from offices

If your company is interested to provide support and funding, or explore collaboration, please contact us!


11 Responses to “Partners”
  1. zara says:


    I am from India. Can i send you wast of Plastic and etc…

    Will you purchase from us ?

    A waiting for your Promote reply.


  2. Adam Swan says:

    Hi, would like to know wallet and knife can recycled.?

  3. Jeanette Alexis says:

    I am thinking of setting up a zero waste fast food restaurant in Singapore. Do you have any tips/ any suppliers I can look at?

  4. iman says:

    Hi, can we start organizing the Zero Waste in Egypt… If you can help me with the guidelines, i would love to do this in collaboration with you as NGO of course.

  5. HENG Thida says:

    I want to reduce in Cambodia. We have such as beautiful county but we have so much waste that can’t be control. I want to reduce waste and I find out abt your NGO. I wonder if set up an NGO can help me achieve my goal or there is a smaller step that I can take before this. I work for a bank with 200 plus staff in my county and 39k group wise.

    Please give some advise

  6. matt gomes says:

    Do you have anyone or company providing a service – a place where all these used items (thrown, donated or purchased) can be stored for re-sale and opened to public to shop?


    Dear Sirs,

    We are interested to buy cullet from Singapore. You are kindly requested to send me the name and contact details of the Collectors and Exporters for Cullet.

  8. Hi, Vibrant Recycle provides service for collection of waste paper and scrap metal for recycling. We are based in Singapore.

  9. nick lim says:

    We would like to start an iniative to recycle used paper and plastic in our company.
    Would appreciate that you could also participate in our iniative.

    Thank you.


  10. Clara says:

    My organisation is using banners to be recycled into other products.

    Could you connect us to organisations that has used banners for events and after that have no more use for them. This is a project to help our needy clients to earn some money as well as save the earth. By the way, I am working in a voluntary welfare organisation

    Thank you 🙂

  11. Ong Seong Thai says:

    Hi, I have idea to make Singapore go more recycle.
    May I suggest to organizer on my proposal?

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