It’s not easy to start a non-profit organisation so we need all the support and funding from potential corporate partners. We are open to the following support from companies:

In-kind Sponsorship

  • Office, meeting or event space
  • Professional consulting services such as accounting and legal services
  • Design and creative services
  • Printing materials and services

Financial Sponsorship

  • Funding for our programmes and campaigns

Corporate Volunteer Programme

  • Give talks to schools and companies
  • Collect recyclables from offices

If your company is interested to provide support and funding, or explore collaboration, please contact us!


6 Responses to “Partners”
  1. zara says:


    I am from India. Can i send you wast of Plastic and etc…

    Will you purchase from us ?

    A waiting for your Promote reply.


  2. Adam Swan says:

    Hi, would like to know wallet and knife can recycled.?

  3. Jeanette Alexis says:

    I am thinking of setting up a zero waste fast food restaurant in Singapore. Do you have any tips/ any suppliers I can look at?

  4. iman says:

    Hi, can we start organizing the Zero Waste in Egypt… If you can help me with the guidelines, i would love to do this in collaboration with you as NGO of course.

  5. HENG Thida says:

    I want to reduce in Cambodia. We have such as beautiful county but we have so much waste that can’t be control. I want to reduce waste and I find out abt your NGO. I wonder if set up an NGO can help me achieve my goal or there is a smaller step that I can take before this. I work for a bank with 200 plus staff in my county and 39k group wise.

    Please give some advise

  6. matt gomes says:

    Do you have anyone or company providing a service – a place where all these used items (thrown, donated or purchased) can be stored for re-sale and opened to public to shop?

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