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  1. sally says:

    Dear Sir or Madam:,
    We are Cheung Hung Plastic Trading from Hong Kong. We are doing the Plasitc film recycle business, and looking for those material which list as below:
    1. LDPE sticky Rolls, and also LDPE bales (no glue)
    2. Pet sticky Rolls, any colour.
    3. PP material can be roll or bales, color : white, nature
    4. PA6, PA66, PA12 can be any form, material must be pure, colour: mixed, white, nature
    5. PS hangers,
    6. PP big bag (A, B grade)
    7. HDPE bottles or HDPE oil tank.
    If you have ,could you provide to us? we can offer a very good and reasonable price for this item base on the quality. Please send the detail and picture to our email .Hope we could establish good business partner.Looking forward to your earliest reply and remain,thank you very much.
    Yours fainthfully,
    Cheung Hung Plastic Trading or
    FAX: 86-752-6386382

    • Farhanah says:

      Hi Sally, i have sent you an email regarding recycling of PS Hangers under Decathlon Singapore. We hope to hear from you soon.

      Farhanah Nordin
      Sports Advisor
      Decathlon Singapore (Bedok)

  2. Mrs Sami says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am interested in doing business in any recycling items.

    If your are interested let me know in what kind of plastic or any used items you wish to have .Then we can look into the matter.
    Your reply will be highly appreciated.Please no (SCAM)

    Thank you

    Mrs SAMI

  3. Leslie says:

    To all green companies and budding entrepreneurs

    We are organizing a Clean & Green Bazaar for the National Environment Agency and we would like to invite you to participate in this Bazaar. This is a new initiative that we starting this year and is to encourage the use of more environment friendly products amongst Singapore. This bazaar will be held from the 6th -7th November 2010 (Sat – Sun) from 9am – 7pm). A nominal fee of $100/- is applicable for the 2-day event. Products can be energy efficient in nature, recyclable, reusable or even green to the environment.

    This will be a great platform for selling and advertising your wares and services. As a start, we will be holding this bazaar at the open field next to Sengkang MRT

    Do call me should you be interested in participating in this bazaar. More details can be found in the attached document.


    +65 9386 3693 (cell) (web)

  4. MALIK says:

    Dear Sir,
    Hope you are with good health.
    Firstly we would like to introduce ourselves as one of the well established & well placed organization in Pakistan, mainly involves in Imports of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap of following types:-

    1. Tin Free Steel Sheets Cutting in pressed bundles,
    2. Steel/Tin UBC scrap in bundles,
    3. LMS bundles scrap
    4. Tinplates Cutting (White Bundle)
    5. Compressor Scrap of Refrigerators.
    6. Shredded Steel Scrap ISRI 210/211.
    7. HMS 1 AND HMS 1 & 2.

    10-Foil Al-PE (aluminium coated polythene) in roll, for recycling,

    HS Code : 7602 Aluminium Waste and Scrap

    11 Yellow pages scrap./CRAFT PAPER/ONE SIDE PRINT/KRAFT BOARD/
    Item: Over Issued News paper ( OINP#9 ) & Pure White Paper (PWC)
    Req. min. Qty: 500 mtons monthly each item
    Packing: in Bundle or in Bales both are acceptable

    EXPORT ;-
    Please revert with your best offer (included complete soft quote, pictures etc.), all Prices required on CNF basis Karachi Pakistan.
    Best Regards,
    Expert Trading Co.(ZAIN metals intl GROUP)
    Sethi Plaza Bazar#2,G.T.Road
    Gujranwala.52250 Pakistan.
    TEL.00 92 55 4242734 -4242735
    FAX.00 92 55 4242736 –
    CELL.00 92 333 8103718


  5. Adrianne Sem says:

    Hello, My name is Adrianne Sem from H3ROES. I would like to tell you that we are doing a project about e-waste. We are collecting old devices for our project, like old handphones, old MP3 players that no one will take.

    We need an e-waste bin, so that if we already collected the devices, we might as well put it in the bin.

    Why are we telling this to you? We saw your website and discovered that you really want to take care of the Earth. Earth needs caring. We need some kind souls who will help the Earth. So I hope you are one.:)

  6. Christine Tan says:

    Hi all, I used the laundry service, WASH.SG quite often and is a co with a factory, which means they deal in bulks of clothes everyday. What I don’t understand is that why don’t the org adopt using recycle plastic hangers? Reusing them saves more resources than recycling. It doesn’t use any energy to put new clothes on a used hanger. It also reduces the need to manufacture new hangers. They shld encourage customers to recycle by giving credit back for each recycled hanger like they do overseas.

    Recycle, reduce, and reuse are the basic environmental concerned good deeds. We must contribute our feasible share to save our Earth. I recycle everything I can: Newspaper, cans, glass & plastic bottles, clothes etc…In Aust, recycling is a big thing, & they do recycle hangers and even use organic cleaning products.

    I hope our fellow Singaporeans do come to know the importance of living substantially and responsibility, in protection of the one great gift, our Planet Earth. Singapore has a long way to go in terms of environmental consciousness. Many of our pp are too busy but there are sm who wants to recycle but don’t know how to…If only all of us could recycle, reduce & reuse, and lead more Eco-friendly lives, it will help to save the environment. Perphas, to get Singaporeans stared in recycling programs, we need to give them an incentive like a deposit-refund system, this way PP will hv a clear incentive to cut waste.

    In time, Singapore should aim to be a society where recycling is seen as part of one’s basic social duty, and an act of national if not global citizenship, to conserve the finite resources of the earth.

    Christine Tan
    HP: 97356113

  7. Christine Tan says:

    My Emails: or

    Christine Tan

  8. mr lim says:

    we set up waste recycling plants for metal wastes such as sluminium steel and special plastic waste such as aluminoum aluminium and plastic. we can set up the plant in any country.

  9. Keng Siong says:

    This is really a insightful site.

    I hope some kind souls will be able to answer my below questions.

    Does plastic recycling plants in singapore import plastic waste from overseas?

    And does Singapore allows import of plastic waste?

    Thanks very very much.

  10. Raju.M says:


    We Are Innovators in Organic Waste Reduction and Conversion Technologies

    We help businesses and organizations meet city, state, federal and corporate diversion goals with Zero Waste Solutions.
    Key Features of Ecovim Technology:
    • On-Site Organic Waste Reduction
    • On-Site Organic Waste Conversion
    • Output can be used as a Soil Amendment or Compost Accelerant
    • Can be Pelletized to be used as a Bio-Fuel
    • Post Processed as Animal Feed/Pet Food
    • Remaining Element is Reclaimable Water

    Composting is an excellent way to utilize food waste but the problem is time. It takes weeks or months to properly compost food waste and it takes space and labor to correctly process this waste.
    Ecovim provides technology which dehydrates this food waste in hours.
    The reduction in volume can be as high as 90%, leaving only 10% of the original mass processed. The output product is a highly concentrated organic soil amendment which can be used in the landscape or garden. The only other by-product is reclaimable water which can be used in the landscape.

    What Businesses Need Ecovim Solutions?

    • Restaurants & Food Courts/Cafes
    • Supermarkets
    • Hotels, Resorts & Casinos
    • Convention Centers
    • Event Venues
    • Hospitals
    • Retirement Centers
    • Corporate Cafeterias
    • Military Bases– land & sea
    • Prisons/Correctional Facilities
    • Schools K-12, Universities, Residential Colleges
    • Amusement Parks
    • Airports
    • Cruise Ships

    The Ecovim Series of Food Waste Decomposition Systems:

    Each unit is constructed of 304 grade stainless steel and the decomposition chamber uses heat and mechanical agitation. The chamber has an oil jacket with substantial insulation and well sealed inlet and outlet doors so as to minimize energy consumption.

    The system is equipped with an odor management device to control odors associated with the decomposition process.

    The utility requirements are an electrical source and a condensate line, no venting or fresh water connections are required.

    The decomposing chamber is capable of producing 180° F during the processing to insure that the end product is essentially odor free.

    The end product can be used as a soil amendment suitable for use in landscaping.
    The system is capable of reducing compostable waste weight and volume by 83% to 93%. This will vary depending on the waste input.

    Minimal Installation:
    • 380/415V / 3-phase Electrical Source & Small Drain

    • No Fresh Water Plumbing, No Enzymes or Microbes Required

    • No Venting

    • Indoor/Outdoor (with cover) Placement
    Controls and Eliminate Foul Odors

    Reduces the Volume/Weight on-site by ~ 90%

    Completes Processing Cycle in 6 to 20 hrs.

    Minimal Energy Use

    Space-Saving Footprint

    Reuse By-Product and Reclaim Water

    Reduces Carbon Footprint Due to Diversion

    Reduces Methane Gases Produced in Landfills Due to Diversion


  11. Danny Ng says:

    I work in a furnishing company, looking for companies to take scrap wood to recycle. Please contact me.

  12. Hazel Gan says:

    We have some steel chairs to be recycled. please contact with me if you are available to do it.

    +65 91594660 Hazel Gan

  13. Ng Wei Long says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am wei long from shin khai construction pte ltd. my company is currently doing a project to upgrade HDB toilets. As such, we will be disposing the residents’old sanitary wares. Kindly check with you if these sanitary wares could be recycle or donate to other countries. Please revert back to Thanks

  14. Punit says:

    Dear Sir/Mdm,

    My name is Punit and I represent Energy Carta, a student led organisation in NUS promoting Sustainable Development, Energy and Environmental related issues. We are currently in the midst of a collaboration with Hemispheres Foundation ( to help organise a Global Youth Summit (GYS) in January 2018. Our role in GYS 2018 is to help organise, facilitate and invite Environmentally conscious companies, organisations and student clubs like yourself to set up booths at the event from the 18th to 20th of January. The event will be held at HortPark in conjunction with NParks’ Gardeners’ Day Out. The targeted audience are international and local delegates attending the GYS, students, and the general public.

    We would like to extend an invitation to you to set up an interactive booth engaging delegates, students and the public to learn about your club/organisation/company and your efforts at promoting sustainability and environmental related issues. For more information regarding GYS 2018 and the specific details regarding the event, kindly refer to the attached document.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any enquiries regarding the event or other issues.

    Best Regards,
    Punit Gandhi
    Energy Carta
    h/p: 96213420

  15. To whomsoever it may concern,

    Myself Darshil Panchal from SK Engineers company. Our company promoting new design products for the purpose of rural development and waste management. These products are Manual Briquetting Products which are used to make Briquettes using various types of BIOMASS including Agricultural waste, Cow-dung, Saw-dust, Waste-Paper, etc.

    Kindly review our company website ( for more info on these products.

    We also make Manual Plastic Baler machines to make BALES of waste material like plastic waste, cardboard, waste paper, etc. Also, we can provide equipment for FOOD WASTE management.

    Upon review, in the case of any query please feel free to contact us anytime at or at (+91) 96387-80377 (Cell & Whatsapp).

    Looking forward to your valuable response.

  16. Jin Qin says:

    To whomsoever it may concern,

    I am the authorized distributor of biodegradable & compostable products. Plastic straws are going out now. Soon, plastic take-away meal boxes and plates will also be banned. Are you looking for a better alternative?

    Biodegradable & Compostable Food Packaging:
    Non-toxic & 100% natural.
    Environmental friendly.
    Harmless when consumed by animals.
    Compose in 180 days & becomes fertilizers for plants.
    Water & oil repellant.
    Withstand high & low temperature: 140°C (hot), -5°C (cold).
    Microwave, oven & freezer safe

    Based on the international accreditations (including Singapore Green Label, Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI), US FDA approved, EQAIMS & etc) it has received, I dare say it is the world’s best at present. I always feel that a healthy population needs a healthy environment. However, the problem of plastic pollution is growing exponentially every year; we are producing more than 300 million tons of plastic, half of this is designed for single use, and each year around 8 million tons of it ends up in our oceans. I strongly believe that our mother earth deserves the support and participation of all of us who hope to bequeath a livable world to future generations.

    I sincerely invite you/your company to be part of the solution and play our role for corporate social responsibility. If you also concern about sustainable planet earth and wish to contribute to positive social change, please feel free to contact me for further information & discussion. Free samples are available.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Tan Jin Qin
    Authorized distributor
    +65 8672 1905

  17. Chan says:

    Hi, my house is being refurbished and there many household items like mattresses, bed frames, sofas, old broken clavinova piano that we will have to dispose of.

    I’d like to know if theres any organisation that has the resources to repair / repurpose them and donate them to charity?

    Many of our items are still usable and it feels like such a waste to just get a garbage disposal company to send them to the incineration plant.

  18. Sophia Sim says:

    Hi! Ive been trying to to contact organisations who might be able to give a short talk on working towards zero waste living and why we should do so in Singapore. I think this is a very relevant topic, especially coming from the hospitality industry where we see much single use plastic, disposables and food waste. I was recommended to appraoch Zero Waste Singapore. Unfortunately, our series of “Lunch and Learn” session is usually on a complimentary basis by our speakers. Would you be able to do this on Friday 25th April at 12pm?
    Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.
    Sophia Sim
    HR Manager


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