BYO Rating

BYO Singapore Guide 2018: Rating for F&B Retailers’ Efforts to Reduce Plastic Disposables

In Singapore, there are currently no regulations prohibiting or reducing the use of plastic disposables, especially in the food and beverage (F&B) industry, where retailers use a significant amount of single-use plastic disposables. Zero Waste SG believes that it is time for F&B retailers in Singapore to be more serious and take bold actions to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic disposables.

We have conducted a public audit of 100 popular F&B retailers to assess the extent of their efforts to reduce the use of single-use disposables and published the rating results in the BYO Singapore Guide 2018. The retailers are selected from different categories such as coffee and tea cafes, bakeries, restaurants, tea and juice kiosks, food kiosks, and fast food restaurants.

Through the guide, Zero Waste SG hopes to urge the F&B retailers to assess whether they are ahead or behind their peers, and to take the appropriate and right actions to reduce the consumption of plastic disposables.