BYO Landscape

BYO Landscape Evolution

The Bring Your Own (BYO) movement has developed rapidly as a global movement in the last few decades. Singapore saw a launch of the movement in its local context in 2017 by Zero Waste Singapore with the support of the National Environment Agency (NEA). It has since gathered interest and recognition across multiple sectors and levels of governance.

The landscape report aims to present a nation-wide overview on the evolution of the Bring Your Own (BYO) movement since 2017, share case studies of various types of action taken across different sectors and provide recommendations on governance actions in the near future, with the cooperation of stakeholders involved.

There are two versions of the report:

1. Executive summary (Complimentary)

2. Full report (Available at $12*)

*All proceeds will go to further campaigns, outreach and research to drive effective zero waste actions across different sectors in Singapore

BYO Landscape Executive Summary (490 downloads)

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Published 6 Oct 2021