Food Waste Training Workshop for Wastebusters

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Food Waste Training Workshop for Wastebusters

Zero Waste SG is now recruiting volunteers (aka Wastebusters) who are interested in spreading awareness on food waste through our Save Food Cut Waste programme!

We are conducting our first training workshop for volunteers, and will share more information on the food waste situation in Singapore and what individuals can do to reduce food waste.

You will learn to give talks for companies and schools and spread awareness on food waste. After the training, you are expected to give 2 talks a year.

Date: 12 Mar 2016 (Sat)

Time: 9.30am to 12.30pm

Venue: National Library, Level 13, Unit 13-02, 100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064

Sign up to attend the training workshop on 12 Mar and help us spread awareness on food waste reduction!

[Registration closed]

Food waste: Where food matters, looks matter more [News]

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By Channel NewsAsia, 16 Feb 2016

If you and your family made it a point to finish every morsel of your Chinese New Year meals, then you have all done exceptionally well.

This is because every year, Singapore sees hundreds of thousands of tonnes of food going to waste. According to the National Environment Agency, the country wasted approximately 790,000 tonnes of food in 2014. During the Chinese New Year period, food waste increases by up to 20 per cent.

As a small country with limited agricultural ability, Singapore is heavily reliant on imports for food. In 2014, Singapore spent US$10.6 billion (S$14.8 billion) importing 5.93 million tonnes of food. But out of that, 13 per cent of its imports, or US$1.4 billion worth of it, end up as waste.

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Source: Channel NewsAsia