How Much Food Do You Waste In Singapore?

How Much Food Do You Waste In Singapore?

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) celebrates World Food Day each year on 16 October. This year, we would like to remember World Food Day by spreading awareness and action on food waste reduction.

Together with Helpling, an online platform that connects you to cleaners, we have created this infographic to show you how much food we waste in Singapore.

How much food do you waste in Singapore

Now that you understand how much food we waste in Singapore, the next step is for you to play a part in reducing food waste in your daily life and at home. Simply follow the 8 tips below and start reducing food waste!

1) Learn About Food Sources

Learn about where your food comes from and understand how farmers toil to produce your food. This would help you better appreciate the food you eat and thus waste less food.

2) Grow Your Own Food

Grow your own food in Singapore to better appreciate your food and waste less. This would also help to reduce the food wastage during transportation and storage, the resources spent, and carbon emissions generated from importing food.

3) Plan What To Buy

Before you go shopping for food, plan what to buy using a shopping list. This would help you avoid buying more food than you need.

4) Store And Handle Food Properly

Store and handle your food properly at home to help you keep food longer without spoilage, and thus reduce food wastage.

5) Cook And Order Just Enough

Choose the right food portions and cook just enough food. Also order just enough food, thus avoiding food waste and saving money.

6) Cook Your Leftover Food

Keep and cook your leftover food instead of throwing them away, thus helping to reduce food wastage at home.

7) Start Food Composting

Try composting your fruit and vegetable scraps at home or in the community garden, and produce compost for gardening.

8) Make Garbage Enzyme

Make garbage enzyme from your fruit and vegetable scraps, and use it for cleaning purposes.

Finally, sign the pledge to Save Food Cut Waste in Singapore, and share this post with your friends and encourage them to reduce food waste together!

Infographic credit: Helpling


  • byRosalie Wilkins
    Posted November 6, 2015 10:05 pm 0Likes

    The food waste issue is very worrying. I think that the supermarkets and the chains of restaurants are the main reasons of this extreme food waste rates. Also the vegetable and fruit producers who are throwing away very big part of their stock because of bad look. Thank you for the post! The ideas for reducing food waste at home are really good!

  • byLIM KS
    Posted December 15, 2019 10:30 pm 0Likes

    You can simply collect those beneficial earthworms during heavy rain near your grass field and make them your compost making heroes and safe tones of landfill. Not only that, your plants will love it. Recently, during raining season, I have collected 30 over earthworms (in half an hour time) just below my block and they are now happily staying in my styrofoam box with lots of kitchen waste mixed with soil.

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