NTUC FairPrice takes the lead to measure and reduce food waste

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Great Taste Less Waste Selection

NTUC FairPrice is taking the first steps to measure and reduce food waste in its supermarkets. So far, FairPrice is the only supermarket retailer that has publicly commit to food waste reduction efforts, and this leadership is something that the other supermarket retailers need to follow.

After two years of consultative study under its Food Waste Framework, FairPrice today announced a Food Waste Index to track and sustain food waste reduction efforts, which is a first in the Singapore supermarket industry. The Food Waste Index measures the annual total food waste against the total retail space of all FairPrice stores, and will enable FairPrice to track its progress on various food waste reduction initiatives. Read more

Zero Waste Singapore – A Call to Action

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Zero Waste Singapore - a call to action

We started the Zero Waste Singapore website 6 years ago and now plan to turn it into a non-profit organisation in 2015. But we can’t do this alone.

We need a team, volunteers and sponsors to work together with us. This is a call to action. Let’s end waste, together.

The proposed non-profit organisation, Zero Waste Singapore, is dedicated to help Singapore eliminate the concept of waste, and accelerate the shift towards zero waste and the circular economy.

Singapore has set targets of achieving a 70% national recycling rate and a 30% domestic recycling rate by 2030. We believe that we can help Singapore to meet and exceed these targets, by working together with government agencies, businesses, community groups and individuals on:

  • Education and Engagement
  • Research and Policies
  • Advocacy and Campaigns
  • Collaboration and Catalyst

It’s not easy to start a non-profit organisation so we need all the support and funding from potential corporate partners. If your company is interested to provide funding or explore collaboration, please contact us at eugene@greenfuture.sg.

Read more about the proposed non-profit organisation

Tender For On-Site Food Waste Management Pilot At Hawker Centres Called [Press Release]

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18 May 2015 – The National Environment Agency (NEA) today called a tender for a two-year on-site food waste management pilot to be run at Tiong Bahru Market and Ang Mo Kio Block 628 Market. The pilot aims to test the economic viability and operational feasibility of food waste segregation and recycling in hawker centres, as part of government’s effort to move towards being a zero-waste nation.

2 The winning bidder(s) will be required to provide the leasing and maintenance of two on-site food waste recycling machines, which will convert segregated food waste and leftover food from the hawker stalls to either water or compost. The machines are expected to reduce the volume of food waste by at least 90 per cent per day. Read more

‘Smart bins’ let cleaners know when they need attention [News]

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By Jordon Simpson, TODAY, 20 May 2015

A homegrown smart waste management system, in the form of rubbish bins that can send out alerts to cleaners when they are full, is expected to help increase the efficiency of trash removal around the island.

Known as netBin, the system’s key features include smart bins which are equipped with a variety of sensors that can also notify cleaners of the bins’ locations, or even warn them of a fire, among other things.

Developed by Singapore company Mobiquest, the system is designed to minimise the overflowing of rubbish bins, and to help cleaners work more efficiently.

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Source: TODAY

Bigger push to get Singaporeans to recycle [News]

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By Samantha Boh, The Straits Times, 15 May 2015

The National Environment Agency (NEA) is stepping up its efforts to encourage more households here to recycle with a new recycling starter kit.

In a tender document, the agency said the kit will comprise educational materials, such as information on the different types of waste, a guide on how to set up a recycling system and stickers that act as recycling reminders.

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Source: The Straits Times via Wildsingapore

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