My Journey as a Novice Ethical Clothing Consumer

January 2, 2014 by  
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By Maxine Chen Li San


The textile industry is one of Singapore’s pioneering industries. Our tailors who made clothing from scratch also shaped Singapore into a textile and apparel business sourcing hub. Today, Singapore is ranked second in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of lucrative trade. She is a dizzying swirl of items to be bought — an air-conditioned port of shops — a shopper’s paradise. But I think it is time to look behind the glitzy façade.

I am a twenty-year-old bumbling between being a pimply tot who still relies on her parents for pocket money, and being a full-fledged, property-owning consumer. It is an interesting place to be: as globalisation exposes the flipsides to mass consumerism, I have ample time to consider changing my consuming habits. Basically, the more information I pick up, the more I realise that the environmental and social costs of our shopping are huge. Read more