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Letter by Curtis Marsh, The Straits Times, 3 Oct 2011.

Human nature being what it is, people will not change their bad habits easily (“New council rolls up sleeves for dirty job”; last Wednesday).

The Government must intervene more and eliminate some of the root causes of littering.

One immediate measure could be phasing out plastic bags and introducing a law that bans the use of plastic bags.

You only have to stand in the supermarket aisles to notice the bewildering number of plastic bags that are used up every minute. Yet the solution is so simple: use reusable bags.

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2 Responses to “Phase out plastic bags [Letters]”
  1. Mary Feldhausen says:

    Rather than banning plastic bags, why not make it more cost-effective and easy to use re-usable bags? Here are some ideas:
    -Require that there be a fee for ALL bags supplied by retailers. Plastic bags should be priced the same as re-usable bags. Consumers can avoid the extra charges by bringing their own bags.
    -Set up a convenient system where consumers can sell back their clean re-usable bags. This will give consumers a way to recycle extra bags that they’ve accumulated. The returned bags could then be resold by the retailers.
    -The above ideas could easily be implemented on a trial basis on a small scale. Supermarkets would be a natural place to explore this initiative, since everyone buys food, and many people leave the supermarket each week with multiple plastic bags.

    • Eugene Tay says:

      @Mary, thanks for the good suggestions! The retailers could also rent out reusable bags, which the consumers can borrow for a small fee.

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