Unnecessary and wasteful mooncake packaging [News]

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By Ng Puay Leng and Wayne Chan, Channel NewsAsia, 26 Aug 2011.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is just two weeks away, and mooncake retailers islandwide are competing for buyers’ attention with bright, attractive packaging.

But the Singapore Packaging Council said some retailers have gone overboard.

It said 40 per cent of mooncake box packaging is unnecessary and wasteful.

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Source: Channel NewsAsia

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One Response to “Unnecessary and wasteful mooncake packaging [News]”
  1. NomNom says:

    “Packaging is responsible for one-third of Singapore’s domestic waste.
    And the Singapore Packaging Council said some countries like China have regulations that the packaging can only cover up to 30 per cent more than the size of the mooncake.”

    so what is the point of just pointing out but no action?

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