Budget 2011: Recycling programme to be enhanced with one bin per HDB block [News]

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Singapore will enhance its National Recycling Programme (NRP) by providing one recycling bin for every HDB block with daily collection.

This is an increase from the previous rate of one bin for every five blocks of HDB flats.

On average, a resident in Singapore generates 860 grammes of waste every day – which is one third more than in Germany or Taiwan.

Over a year, Singapore can dispose enough waste to cover one eighth of Singapore’s surface area, said Minister for Environment and Water Resources Yaacob Ibrahim in Parliament on Friday.

To reduce waste and encourage more recycling, “we will make it easier for households to recycle. Households can now look forward to more recycling bins and more frequent collection services,” said Dr Yaacob.

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Source and Image: Channel NewsAsia

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2 Responses to “Budget 2011: Recycling programme to be enhanced with one bin per HDB block [News]”
  1. Cecilia says:

    I applauded the government’s new initiative to enhance the recycling programme to provide one bin per block in the recycling programme. But for long term viability, shouldn’t the government seriously consider providing 3 bins instead (one for paper, one for plastic and one for glass and aluminium)? If we are to instill the right mindset to the young, we should start by educating them the right way to do recycling since young. If we are to do it right from young, we need not have continuous education and re-education the public on recycling because the younger generation would have been practising the right way to do recycling.

    • Eugene says:

      Hi Cecilia, having different bins would also mean additional costs, manpower and more truck trips, which ultimately means higher bills for residents. There is a need to balance costs and installing the right mindset. Having a mixed recyclables bin would still be able to install the recycling mindset among the young.

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