Bring Your Own Utensils (BYOU)

Bring Your Own Utensils (BYOU)

byouHow many disposable forks, spoons and chopsticks do you throw away each year? Let’s assume that a person throws away a pair of disposable utensils each week, which means that 104 utensils are disposed annually and if everyone in Singapore does the same, this result in the disposal of about 500,000,000 utensils in Singapore each year.

If you are using disposable utensils, you are wasting oil, cutting trees, burning waste and causing global warming. You can stop this today. Start by using your own reusable forks, spoons and chopsticks when you eat out. Bring Your Own Utensils.

To help you BYOU, we are offering reusable utensils for sale and you can choose from the different designs here.

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  • byRonilo
    Posted February 27, 2020 9:23 pm 0Likes

    I’m Ronilo Javato from the Philippines I’m a student and I research about the BYOU. Can I Know who evaluate and implement the BYOU

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