Send It for Repair or Fix It Yourself

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Instead of throwing away spoilt items, equipment and electrical appliances immediately, why not try to repair them yourself or send them for repair. Some items just need a bit of fixing or connecting loose wires and parts.

Repair Kopitiam is a community repair meet-up for people to go to a designated space to repair simple items guided by specialists.

Repair Services in Singapore

You can find the following repair services in the Yellow Pages:

If you’re looking for a licensed water service plumber to do some water repairs, check out the PUB website. If you’re looking for a licensed electrical worker to do some electrical repairs, find one from the EMA website.

Fix It Yourself

If you wish to fix an item yourself, check out the following online resources on repairing and DIY:

Or you can also find out more repair resources from books at the library.

Product Manuals

You might need to read the user manual for the product that you’re fixing. Here’s some online user manuals:


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  1. Great stuff. Helped me out alot.

  2. Licensed electricians will do the beat electrical repair works for home.

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