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If you have old or unwanted items that are still in good condition, consider selling them away for cash. You can sell them through the following ways:

1. Sell to Traders

Cash Converters operates retail stores that buy and sell unwanted goods. It’s a convenient way for you to sell your items. Visit the Cash Converters website to see what items they want to buy and their locations in Singapore.

Sell your used items to the karang guni men or to the “Collectors and Traders for Multiple Waste Streams, Electrical Items, Furniture and Clothing” listed in the NEA website.

2. Sell Online

You can sell anything online at eBay. Just register as an eBay seller, create your item listing and sell online.

Carousell allows you to sell your unwanted stuff via mobile or web. The items are categorised under clothing and accessories, home and lifestyle, hobbies and gadgets, and entertainment.

Place a free online ad on STClassifieds or Gumtree Singapore to sell your item.

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66 Responses to “Sell for Cash”
  1. Alif Bihaqqi says:

    Hi, i am from a charity organization, was just thinking about selling the drink cans which we have daily instead of just throwing it. Any leads as to where we can sell?

    Thank you.


  2. dickson says:

    any old clothing collector available to cash for trash ?

  3. Husain says:

    I have at least 50+ catron boxes after moving my hosuhold items. Instead of discarding i am looking for a way to sell these as used box online or direct to re-sellers in Singapore.
    Appreciate any advise. Thank you.

  4. Amelia says:

    I am checking on recycling some mobiles cover, USB cables, and mobile pouch. Can you please advise ? In total it comes up to almost 20 cartons.. Please advise on where should i recycle this items.
    Thank You.

  5. Shine Leung says:

    Hi my mum brought some second-hand clothes for me all the way from Malaysia. Any old clothing collector able to trade cash for my clothes? My clothes are still in good condition.

  6. Shine Leung says:

    Hi I’m also checking on the toilet rolls, instead of discarding it after using. Is it possible I can collect it in a box and donate it for recycle?

  7. If you have lightly used branded clothes to sell, look no further –

  8. Papun mahapatra says:

    Hii i have lot of 2-3yrs girls dress shoe and books .and all r jst like new. And one good condition pram also . I want to sale .

  9. Luningning says:

    I want to sell my big pooh stuff toys
    Where can I sell this stuff??

    • Joan chew says:

      Any old clothing collector able to trade cash for my clothes? My clothes are still in good condition. Please contact me at +6587005373

      • Joan chew says:

        Hi. I am pooh lover. Please let me know what pooh you hv. Hope you let it go with cheap price. Thanks.

        • Jeffrey teo says:

          I have pooh stuff toy about 3 feet tall willng to sell to any pooh liver. Please let me know if you are interested. Call me at 90223697.

        • Jocelyn ying ying says:

          Hi, i have lots of Pooh Soft Toys to let go. Let me noe if u r keen. can show u all photos. wadsapp me @ 91294130

  10. Ranjani says:

    I have teakwood day bed. Any wants to buy?

  11. Pinky says:

    Looking for old clothing collector to trade my clothes for cash. I have tons of good condition clothes. Need to clear up my wardrobe space, find that it’s a pity to throw them away. Please contact me at 92295873

  12. Garc says:

    I have tons of good conditions of plus size clothes for sale. Price range from $5-50.
    Size roughly Female L or XL ( Bust of 100cm and above )
    Jeans / Pants of Size30

  13. PEARLYN TAN says:

    Hi, I have new clothes for sale at cheap prices… Any wholesaler interested to take a look? I have about over 100pcs.

    Any one interested, please contact me.

    Pearlyn Tan at 94360832. Thank you.

  14. PEARLYN TAN says:

    My company is disposing off metal cabinets, wooden working tables, drawing stands, whiteboards and some peripherals.

    Any interested company wants to have them.

    Please contact me, Pearlyn at 94360832 or email to me for more info. Thank you.

  15. Jesling says:

    I have a room of handicraft items to sell at cheap price. Such as cotton thread, quilted fabric, felt fabric, DMC thread, shell/wooden/metal/plastic button, iron on, cotton fabric, making bag accessories…..anyone out there interested can contact me at 96199595… thanks!

  16. Bar equipment says:

    I am planning to sell away a bar counter,2 doors fridge, ice box and few tables and chairs anyone interested can contact mi at 83772081

  17. Suppiah says:

    Hi, I have a pair of teakwood speaker cassing about 4 ft tall on castors. It was from General Electric. There is no functioning parts inside. Good for the teakwood case only. Item is about 40 years old, needs some re-furbishing. Want to let go of it. Call / text me for pictures if you are interested.

  18. Hello all. My friend and I just started a new project aligning with this topic. Our objective is to bring awareness of giving back to society; as simple as giving away things that you don’t need, and purchasing the things you need.

    What we do:
    1. Collect things are no longer in need from donors, scan them through to ensure they are in good condition
    2. List them online for sale here
    3. Profit derived will be donated to charitable cause or organization
    By doing this, we’re able to help to convert those items into donation fund for better purpose.

    Do check out our social media platforms for more updates:

    See you there 🙂

  19. Moon says:

    Hi, i have 2 huge bags of second-hand clothings that are still in good condition. Are there anyone or any place thats willing to buy ? The clothes are suitable for anyone in S-M sizes.

  20. Tuz says:


    I have sofa set made from teak wood willing to let go at $100 please email to me at


  21. Jamie says:

    Hi, i have bags of second-hand clothings that are still in good condition. Are there anyone or any place thats willing to buy ? The clothes are suitable for anyone in S-M sizes. Pls visit my carousell account Jamie_815

  22. Kuzuryuu says:

    Cash Converters dont accept old item like fridge, washing machine and sofa , all is still working but is only old.

  23. Lee Kar Qi says:

    I have lots of clothes for clear. All in good condition.
    Price range $5-$15.
    Please whatsapp 9157 2867.

  24. Ps says:

    Hi.. please delete both the above messages leave by me as there r too many unwanted messages n calls coming in. Thankyou.

  25. Shirlene says:

    Hi I have 2 commercial cake display fridges to sell for cash. Looking for any available contacts. Thanks

  26. Naing Naing says:

    Hello I have to sell new bags what I bought from online.
    Please contact me. 97229470

  27. Janji says:

    I have lots of clothes to clear some new and some used. All in good condition.
    Price $5 each.
    Please whatsapp 90281649.

  28. Carol Teo says:

    I have a lot of new clothing wanted to sell off..( Clearance Sales ) material look very good.
    Price rate from $10 to $15 each
    Any interested please give me a call 82887165

  29. Christopher Gan Boon Khong says:

    Hello everyone, I am old clothings and book to sell away. Interested please contact me at 96656497. Thanks

  30. Jassmine says:

    Hi there, i have more than 200 pieces of PRELOVED woman clothes, ranging from size M to XXl, majority in M-L. Selling them for cash, price ranging from $5 – $15. Blouses, shirts, pants, dresses, bags & costume jewelleries. Interested party, please watsapp me at 96191463.

  31. Joey says:

    Hi I have many preloved clothes-good condition (Zara, H & M, Mango, Mphosis etc) to clear (100 plus pierces), $5-$10 each (M-L size). Watsapp me @ 97608470. WIll give further discounts if buy more, will thrown in some free accessories, shoes (size 36), bags. 1st come 1st serve as finding all avenues to clear stock.

  32. NG Tee says:

    I have a lot of clothes especially dresses in very good condition to sell from $5 to $20. Please contact me on 96505335 if you are interested. Thank you

  33. ZIlla says:

    I have nike shoe to sell of size 38 still in good conditions, and a few dress to sell of too anyone interested? do contact me at 84957434

  34. WEI YIN CHIN says:

    Hi there,
    I have over 100 pieces of woman dress/ blouse / jacket / bag , ranging from size S to M,
    Price ranging from $5 – $50.
    If you are interested please watsapp me at 96746881.

  35. Poh says:

    Hi, i have some working and non working industal chest frezzer. If anyone insterested pls let me know by replying on my comment. 🙂

  36. munnamun says:

    I want to buy recykle mobile phone..

  37. Reclone says:

    Find “Reclone” at carousell and FB page. There are many pre loved items

  38. Jasmine says:


    Just wondering which company in Singapore buy reusable construction material?

  39. VG says:

    Hi we are closing down a retail store. would like to sell all the island freezers, open deck chillers and display chillers for second hand selling.
    Kindly let me know whether you can help

  40. shakila rathish says:

    hi I want to sell my queen size bed and a signal cot,dinning table 4 seater,kitchen corecabin want to sell with in 8 days because we are shifting

  41. Fann says:

    Brandt dryer 8kg front load vented dryer.Model EFE8310K. Brand new wanted to sell away. Where can I sell it beside on carousel or website adv..?

  42. Fann says:

    New Brandt EFE8310k front load vented dryer. 8kg . Wanted to let go to have space.

  43. Mani says:

    Hi. I a looking at selling a kids bunk bed . Any idea how can i do that

  44. Adam says:

    I have 1 set of rattan dining room and 1 set of rattan living room furniture for sale at YOUR price.Name your reasonable price and take it.


    I have an classic pu leather pu 3 seater sofa that i wanna sell … Pls call me at 96143645 for more info …

  46. SM says:

    Hi we are closing down a retail store. May I know where can I sell the steel gondola?

    Thanks in advance

  47. Linda says:

    hello there,

    I have some used furniture for sale:
    1. Queens side metal bedframe with mattress
    2. Pull out bed super single with single pull out without mattress
    3. Super single metal bedframe without mattress
    4. 5 feet wardrobe
    5. 3 feet wardrobe
    6. Dressing table
    7. Side table
    8. Computer tables
    9. Dining table
    10. 2 Drawers
    11. 1 Small TV Console
    12. 1 Big TV console

    Interested please SMS me@81266923 to reserve before 14 Dec 2018.

  48. Godfrey Tan says:


    I have a King Sized Bed Frame to donate. Please contact me at 98320744 if interested. Thank you.

  49. Rynna Karim says:

    Hi, im with a non profit organisation and am looking for a place to sell our 300pcs of UNUSED Tin Cans. the size is 4″ x 6″. Appreciate it if anybody have any idea kindly share thank you

  50. Joyce says:

    Hi..i am joyce , our company have alots of 2nd hand doors want to sell. issit any people here want to buy from us.please email me. thank you and have a good day.

  51. Big Ma Ma says:

    Dear All

    I have some unuse maternity stocking about 13 boxes brand new, which I am willing to sell at bulk prices. They are of good cotton material. Can keep warm and hold stomach well. Purpose of this Ad is because I am closing down my store and find it wasteful to dispose it. Any buyer willing to buy back and deal can email me at

    p/s : there are 2 designs, Colour consist of black and beige

  52. sandra says:

    Hi, I have some new un used plastic iphone covers to sell away iphone 6. talking about 20-30 pieces if im not mistaken. Anyone keen can contact me. Thanks.

  53. Wan Ying says:

    I am looking for used A4 size paper, blank on one side. Thank you

  54. leslie says:

    i have 600 over cartons of comics books to sell.

    where can i go to ?

    i tried carrosell, gumtree. little respond.

    can anyone help ?

  55. J P says:

    I have following used items sell/donate :

    1. Washing Machine
    2. Freedge
    3. Dining Table / Chairs
    4. Word robes
    5. Bed & mattresses
    6. Aircon Split

    Please call by 23/07/2018 on my mobile no :


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