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Salvation Army Thrift Store

If you have old or unwanted items that are still in good condition, consider giving them to someone or donating them to charity. You can give it away through the following ways:

1. Give Away Online

The Singapore Freecycle Network is part of the global Freecycle movement that allows anyone to give away or receive items for free on its Facebook Group or Yahoo! Groups. Another similar Facebook Group is the Singapore Neighbourhood Freecycle.

Pass It On is a Central CDC initiative that allows the public to donate unwanted items (home appliances, home furniture, medical aids, mobility aids, and learning aids) in good working condition to Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs).

YouSwop is an online community that allows people to exchange items for something they need for free.

2. Give to Charity or to Others

The Salvation Army operates Family Thrift Stores that receives donations-in-kind from the public and companies, and resells them to support social programmes. You can find a list of the locations of Family Thrift Stores and donation bins at the Salvation Army website.

The Tzu Chi Recycling Points and the monthly Recycling Day collects items like clothes, electrical appliances, school bags, leather, belts, shoes, soft toys, CDs, etc.

Blessings in a Bag is a non-profit project that partners with communities, orphanages, schools, and homes across Asia to provide for the needs of underprivileged, abused and medically-ill children. They accept donations for items (in good condition) such as activity mats, blankets, clothing (for newborns to teens), craft material (paint, construction paper, crayons, coloured pencils, etc), educational toys, story books and educational books (for toddlers to primary reading level), school bags for children, and tote bags.

Singapore Really Really Free Market is a temporary market where everything is free. Anyone with stuff to give away are welcome to set up a stall.

3. Use the Recycling Programme

Old clothing and soft toys or electrical items can be placed in the recycling bags or bins under the National Recycling Programme. These items are usually sold by the recycling collectors. Contact your recycling collector to check what used items can be placed inside the recycling bag or bin.

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61 Responses to “Give It Away”
  1. Lawrence Lim says:

    I have hundreds of old radio cassette tape. Who can i contact to dispose them. I need them to collect and i don’t mind giving it away free.

  2. Daisy says:

    Hi Lawrence, do u still haf them? I would like to collect n use them for some diy home projects.

  3. joey says:

    Hi, i need to get rid of my electric organ by this weekend. Its not working very well. how can i recycle this bulk and heavy item? Thanks

    • Eugene Tay says:

      Hi joey, try checking with the electrical items collectors at

    • john says:

      Hi I’m john if anyone there who is giving away any bulky item like sofa no tear dirty abit is ok, mattresses queen or king size no tear stained is ok dining table scratches is ok or plasma TV that is not working I would take all of it but make sure all the items is in good condition and is usable accept for the TV my contact number 93881944 I’m John

  4. Old Computer says:

    I collect unwanted old / damaged and discarded desktop and laptop computers. In return, I do a free service to transfer the data from your old harddisk to your thumb drive and destroy your harddisk in your presence. This is important as your hard drive would likely contains years of your private and confidential documents that cannot be erased even if you reformat it and if landed in the wrong hand, including some recyclers, may cost you dearly.

    • xiu mei says:

      Hi old computer.
      I have an old computer cpu and monitor and printer (not sure if it still works) to give away. In exchange for your offer of transferring data from cpu to my portable drive. Pls email if still keen. Thanks

    • Bernice says:

      Hi there,

      I have a ariston baking oven, almost brand new, give me a quote.Have to arrange own transport. Have some stationary to give away. Cupboards, tables, tv console, hospital me at



  5. Jtay says:

    I have to get rid of a number of stuffed toys, that are not exactly in a good condition to give away. what can i do?

  6. Donyan says:

    i have few tall chairs to give away or throw away. please tell me any collector who can come to collect thr chairs. i can pay for the fee .

  7. Edmond says:

    Just wish to inform that Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery has stopped their recycling project since 5th April 2012. Source:

  8. Rhoda Dinesen says:

    Hi! I have 1 year old glass office desks, red chairs, white conference table, refrigerator, microwave oven to sell or giveaway. Who would be interested?

  9. Mukisa Daniel says:

    Am in Kampala – Uganda we are interested in used items, we are ready to collect them from anywhere in the Kampala area.
    if you know anyone who is Kampala please forward our contacts.

    But if you have items you can mail please let me know. we shall be very grateful to you. send them to
    P.O.BOX 36378
    TEL: +256781592980

  10. Wendy says:

    Hi, I’ve some second hand and new clothes that I would like to give to charity/needys. Who can i pass to? Do NEA recycle them or give to charity? Sorry to ask, becoz not too familiar with it. Thanks in advance. =)

  11. cassie says:

    Can I recycle clothes that are torn or stained? Bcs the description you provided require the clothes to be clean. so i was wondering whether they will accept clothes in such condition to be recycled. Thank you very much.

  12. Emily says:

    You can donate to

    They distribute to kids and communities across Asia that needs clothing and other items that are listed on their website.

  13. Francis Tan says:

    Do I need to erase all markings from my child’s school activity and workbooks before giving them away. I know how useful used textbooks are, but just wonder if people need used workbooks? Otherwise they just end up in the recycle bins.

  14. Janette goh says:

    hi there, I hv numerous old books (storybooks, textbooks, self-help books, etc.) tt are either outdated or hv turned yellow. would there be any recycling companies tt will be keen to collect them for recycling (they weigh a ton altogether and are not easy to transport to nearest recycling point. in addition, e recycling bin for papers will be too small to contain them). appreciate ur advice as to how we can recycle or give it away. thanks.

  15. Lalaine says:


    I am doing a fundraising . If anyone who has plenty of bags whether branded or not branded that you dont used or want it in your closet… Please donate it to me: proceeds will support kids education.

    You can email

  16. Journey East says:

    Freecycling is a great idea! There is always someone who will value something you no longer need, and it’s great for the environment. Hope this trend catches on even further in time to come.

  17. Dan says:

    Hi I have an old PC 2.4Ghz, 2gb ram, 1x 120Gb & 1x 160Gb Hdd.. I am also giving away the 17″ view sonic LCD monitor. Plus new wired keyboard and mouse. Fully functional and hope that it can at least help someone who can’t afford it.

    • dave says:

      We need used items like desktop, laptops tablets or iPads anything to help support the needy educationally. The world is changing fast and most students cannot afford the above items to assist them in education wise therefore making them fall behind time education wise. If you anything to give we will accept it. Thank you

      Please contact:

  18. Dan says:

    Maybe I should correct “who can’t afford” to “who can accept the configuration”.

  19. chew joyce says:

    hi,i at singapore,got a brand new bagtag want to donate to charity to sell nonprofits,where can i donate?

  20. Nana says:

    Hi.. I have quite a huge range of soft toys.. Well kept & want to donate to some orphanage or needy kids.. Hope you can recommend.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Hi.. I have some soft toy in good condition and wish to donate orphanage or needy kids.. Hope you can recommend.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Hi.. I have some soft toys in good condition and wish to donate orphanage or needy kids.. Hope you can recommend.

  21. Maie says:

    I am planning to buy huge box to help victims of war in the philippines. Any unused/used clothes,outgrown shirts any excess clothes in ur closet, bags or even can goods do not hesitate to give it away to the needy. Can contact me at Planning to let go my box on sept30 2013. Thanks for ur kindness.

  22. siti says:

    Hi im looking for a baby playpen and a sofa. Anyone one kind to give away
    To me as my 5 mths old bed cot n sofa has been infected with bedbugs n have to be thrown away.
    Do email me. Please blessed me.

  23. Mohamed Elsanhoury says:

    Hi..I have two boxes of 2nd hand clothes in good condition ..could u recommend me any charity organization can help me to donate these clothes ?
    Thank you .

  24. valar says:

    Hi. A friend of mine a very young couple with a baby is sifting t into a rental flat needs old furniture or electrical items. Pls help if you would lr to give away. Many thanks

    • Soh says:

      Hi I have some used furniture, electrical appliances and bowls/ plates to give away. Please email me what your friend need.

      • Chris says:

        Yes I have queen size bed with mattress, tv console oven etc to give away if anyone wants. It has to be cleared out by 27 sep, thanks,

  25. Leong says:

    Any Baking Oven give away?

  26. divya says:

    I am relocating. I have lots of stuff to give away. Can someone collect it? All is in good condition.

  27. Dee says:

    Looking for cassette tapes for my wedding! Willing to pay a nominal fee for them.

  28. Sherman says:

    Hi all,

    I have some old music CDs, novels, bags, digital cameras and laptops to give away. Is there any cause that requires the above?

    • Zero Waste Singapore says:

      @Sherman, you can give the items to the organisations above, such as Salvation Army.

    • lily says:

      I need used furniture, kids school stationary and some electrical stuff.. can contact me at 83755917..thnx

    • Maria says:

      @Sherman, hi Sherman, are those still avail? I’m helping a friend who has lost a lot during a typhoon in Philippines. She got kids and am sending some of my stuffs and the one’s donated by a friend. I’ve got a big box to fill, if you got anything please do let me know. They will surely be grateful for anything we can extend. Thanks

  29. Abarientos J. says:

    Hello everyone. I am a teacher from a school in the Philippines and I would want to know of anyone or any organization who can donate school furniture or equipment whether new or used. We badly need it. We will be very grateful if you could be of help. Thank you

  30. Mariah says:

    Hi there i have loads of old CDs to give away.If no one reply by the end of next week i will just have to throw it away.


  31. Ayesha says:

    Need to dispose off a table and chairs and a wooden shelf

  32. Jenny says:

    Hi. Old books and some children clothes n stuff. Pls contact me. Not a lot, but will collect n compile them. Thank you ;)

  33. Anon says:

    I have a clothes dryer to get rid of for parts. Does anyone want it?

  34. Jaslin says:

    Hi, we have lots of toddler’s books, softoys, a set of TV, a pushcar, a single bed frame and toys which we would like to give away. Where or who can we pass to.

  35. Eric Chia says:

    I have few unused items to giveaway.
    Some soft toy, unused clothes, Electronic components & a camera bag etc…

    Anyone willing to take all please contact me



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